Thursday, November 9, 2006

Men’s Health magazine’s Best Health Gym pick, Lifetime Fitness, is pumping up it’s sound system with the likes of a Mac. SvenOnTech has learned through an undisclosed source that Lifetime Fitness is in the process of upgrading it’s overhead sound equipment. Part of the upgrade includes the Mac mini. Details are slim; however, it is known that the Mac minis will be connected to the corporate network.

SvenOnTech speculates that Lifetime Fitness will be utilizing a centralized source for music for all it’s clubs and most likely will be using iTunes network jukebox feature as its core. Centralizing music for club members around the nation using iTunes is an intelligent and powerful choice for Lifetime Fitness. This also proves that large companies note an economical way to solve a large problem. Audio equipment with replicated music data files can be an expensive measure to entertain customers especially if you have to purchase the music for each location due to copyright matters. Using the Mac mini and soon the Mac mini media edition will certainly help bring Apple sales up and corporate America’s cost down.

15 Responses to “Lifetime Fitness to Use Mac minis to Pump Up Its Sound System”

  1. Bruce Ketchum Says:

    Mac mini media edition?

  2. Sven Rafferty Says:

    The media center Jobs announced at “It’s Showtime” event highlighting the updated iPod, iTunes 7, and movie downloads. Apple has no official name for it and thus I call it the Mac mini Media Center due to it’s use of the Mac mini form factor. It’s also referred to as the iTV.

  3. D. Ray Says:

    They’re probably using a service called Activaire, that utilizes Mac Mini’s connected to a ‘head unit’ to provide music for public spaces.

    The company provides a comprehensive music styling service that customizes the playlist to your specific location and clientèle, and has different playlists for different times of the day.

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