MyPalmLife Ends, Well, It’s Life

Author: Sven Rafferty
Thursday, November 9, 2006

With the end of PalmSource’s commitment to the Palm platform, MyPalmLife (MPL) just seems to have little reason to go on. With the lack of Palm centric articles and news (we haven’t even made a post in a month, there) it really doesn’t make sense to have a site called MyPalmLife if there just any life left in the Palm, huh?

We’ll keep MPL up and running (hence the yellow link above) until we either suck in all the articles into SvenOnTech or just archive the database and delete the site. Hopefully that latter doesn’t happen, but hey, this is cyberspace where caskets don’t exist. So until we do take care of this house cleaning, enjoy it in its “shell” for the time being and just stick hear to SvenOnTech for Palm and other industry news updates.

It is a sad day that for the PDA creator (yes, debatable as the Newton was before the Palm) we no longer can cherish it and love it like we once did. I haven’t had the same excitement I had with my PalmPilot or with my Palm V. Heck, even my T3 gave me that same excitement as my first two, but no longer. Palm is dead and now so is MyPalmLife.

One Response to “MyPalmLife Ends, Well, It’s Life”

  1. Rick Says:

    I remember how excited you were when you bought your T3. Every second word out of your mouth was “T3!…T3…T3….T3″. I think my wife agreed to let me buy one just to shut you up ;-)