Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SvenOnTech has been told by a source at an Exchange ISV that Direct Push support will be on the iPhone in about “a month or two”. The feature set will include not only updating the Mail application upon arrival of new e-mail but will also support over-the-air syncing of contacts and calendar events exactly like it is done on current devices running Windows Mobile. New contacts added either from Entourage, Outlook, or from the iPhone itself will automatically be synchronized to the Exchange server and thus passing it off to all the clients attached to it. Calendar events will updated in the same fashion.

Support Microsoft Exchange will allow Apple’s iPhone to continue its success by allowing millions of enterprise workers to keep up-to-date with their corporate affairs through out the day.

The absence of Exchange support in the initial release of the iPhone is most likely due to the fact that the software was still in its testing phase and not ready for release.

6 Responses to “Microsoft Exchange Direct Push Support Coming to the iPhone”

  1. S wolf Says:

    It’s going to be a long time before apple with license ActiveSynce. New iphones will be out before that happens…

  2. BP Says:

    Apple forces MS to do this. MS only other choice is to watch as all their servers open up to real standards like POP and iMAP. Frankly, this is bad news if you ask me.

  3. GP Says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Then again, if Palm can do it…

  4. Griff Says:

    Who are you ? Where are you getting this ridiculous advise from ? I would review your sources. Seriously.

  5. The Exchange Information Store Says:

    Great information for those that want to use the IPhone with Exchange

  6. IC_Craftsman Says:

    So obviously no exchange server support. There must be some business reason for not supporting this.