Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ghostbusters Argos A2M3 2GB.JPG

PNY Technologies and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announce the launch of a new 2GB USB preloaded with Sony Pictures’ 80′s comedy classic, GHOSTBUSTERS starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. This marks the first time for the release of a full length movie via a USB flash drive and will enable consumers to watch the film with one simple click on their PC or Laptop. The PNY GHOSTBUSTERS USB will be available from Argos stores nationwide from now, just ahead of the 25th anniversary year of Ghostbusters in 2009.

Stefanie Summerfield – UK & Nordic Sales and Marketing Director for PNY Technologies said “As a market leader in the USB market, PNY’s focus is to offer consumers added value by providing enjoyable blockbuster content on their USB. Standard features of a PNY 2GB USB stick include 12 hours of video play, 33 hours of music and 1080 pictures. This is all in addition to getting a preloaded movie on the USB flash drive.”

Andy Armstrong, UK, Managing Director for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment stated, “Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is delighted to partner with PNY to offer the first full length movie preloaded on a USB flash drive and ready to play on your PC/Laptop. We are committed to giving the consumer more choice in how to experience their movies either at home or on the go.”
The PNY 2 GB USB with Ghostbusters will be available in stores from now. For more information please visit

3 Responses to “PNY and Sony Haunt New 2GB Flash Drive with Ghostbusters”

  1. William Roberts Says:

    Dan is a classic comedian. I love his role on the Blues Brothers.;`:

  2. Alisha Cox Says:

    Dan Aykroyd is a classical comedian, i love Coneheads movie;~~

  3. Letter Tray : Says:

    the thing that i like about Dan Aykroyd is the way he makes those funny moves,“