NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce the Zero 2 Full Tower Steel Chassis the integrates a fully customizable cooling system. The structural integrity of the Zero 2 can not be doubted featuring a sturdy 1.0mm steel construction and weighing in at 10.2kg. Adopting a similar extreme cooling approach to that of the original Zero chassis, Zero 2 offers a fully customizable cooling system with space for seven 120mm fans and one 80mm fan making it a phenomenal option for users that run Multi GPU systems. This aggressive cooling system combined with other great features like screwless installation for HDD devices, top mounted USB, and Intel HD Audio and AC’97 Audio capability make Zero 2 one of the most compelling case options on the market for the PC Enthusiast and Gamer.

“The original Zero was a tremendous success for NZXT due to its unique, customizable cooling setup,” said Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT. “The Zero 2 builds off of its predecessor’s success and provides truly phenomenal value for gamers everywhere priced under $100.”

Retailing for $99.99 the new Zero 2 is available now. For more information on the NZXT Zero2, visit http://www.nzxt.com/products/zero_2/

For more information on NZXT and to view the company’s complete catalog, visit www.nzxt.com.

4 Responses to “NZXT Unveils Zero 2 – Full Tower Steel Chassis Featuring Customizable Cooling System”

  1. SirOcelot Says:

    Well I would have to disagree on 2 points with this case. The first being it being made of steel and being a full tower. This makes the case extremely heavy and non-portable for gaming events such as LAN parties. Also, you have to think to yourself as a gamer; “If I am going to run SLI, do I need fans to go in my case?” Well the answer would have to be NO. Mainly for the reason of proper cooling especially with processors gaining multiple cores and such. Any respectable gamer knows when you have a full tower like this you definitely need to go with water cooling. Is the NZXT Zero 2 capable of housing a PORTABLE water cooling systems much like some of it’s competitors? Not without modding.

    For looks I would have to give this case a 6/10 mainly because it is so plain and dull, and brings nothing new to the table. PCs and gaming have evolved too much to be housed in a simplistic looking case when compared to NZXT’s own Nemesis Elite and Logisys’s Dracula.

  2. Shane Says:

    Droooooooool ……

  3. Solid Says:

    SirOcelot, you are either 13, and/or you drive an old Civic with trash can muffler and a huge spoiler.

    The Zero 2 is not for little kids who try so desperately hard to be the alpha gamer and usually invest in those faggy cases shaped like a dehumidifier with a dozen useless knobs and LEDs.

    Elegance rocks. I’m buying this case.

  4. Carisa Ropes Says:

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