eStarling will be showing off it’s new Touchscreen Connected Frame at next weeks CES which features 802.11n wireless allowing it to grab photos from your Flikr, Facebook, Picasa, or even GMail account. If you know of an RSS feed to sip from, the eStarling will display those pictures as well. The touch-sensitive screen, complete with over-the-air firmware updates, claims to be the, “most user friendly frames on the market.” For more details, visit www.estarling.com.

Specifications – eStarling 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame

” Touchscreen: Full screen touch-sensitive screen for easy navigation
” LCD Display: 10.2 inch 16:9 (800X480) pixels Digital LCD with split-screen design for right sized image presentation and built-in high speed JPEG decoder/rendering engine
” Communications: WiFi 802.11b/g/n (WEP64, WEP128, WPA1, WPA2) connectivity and capable RJ45 Ethernet wired connectivity
” Interface: SD media card supported
” Memory Size: 2GB on-board FLASH Memory
” Power Source: External AC Adapter (Input: AC110~240V 50/60Hz, Output: 9V 1500mA)
” Weight: 2.4 Lbs

” Independent Internet Appliance Design: The frame requires no computer for setup.
” Social Network Integration and RSS Support: Social network frame design allows frame to automatically access photos through Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and more including a Twitter client to view your Twitter stream live.
” Immediate Direct Photo Emailing to Frame: Each frame has its own unique Gmail address so photos can be received from computers or mobile phones. A built-in email filter protects against unwanted photos. No setup is required for senders to send photos.

” Connected Video: All frames can receive videos up to 20MB in size that can be e-mailed directly to the frame.
” Automatic Firmware Updates: All active frames will receive automatic over-the-air firmware updates as new features and upgrades are added to the firmware.
” Dual Use Mode: If no Wi-Fi connection is available, the eStarling frame can operate as a stand-alone digital photo frame.
” Auto Power Saving: RTC-powered automatic shutdown feature for reliability and energy-saving

2 Responses to “eStarling 802.11n Touchscreen Connects Your Frame to Internet Photo Galleries of your Choice”

  1. Brian Marshall Says:

    This sounds like a very cool product, do you think that it would work with smugmug too?

  2. Sven Rafferty Says:

    Not sure on SmugMug, but it should.