Wednesday, September 15, 2010 brings tv to your mac, pc, or linux

ivi, Inc., today releases its revolutionary live television application enabling anyone with an Internet connection to “cut the cord” and watch live broadcast television anywhere in the world, anytime. The easy-to-use, over-the-top (OTT), online cable system, is the first traditional television experience available on the Internet.

Upon launch, ivi offers more content than Hulu and a 30 day free trial to watch major broadcast channels including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, PBS, and others from a growing number of local affiliates, all available via a downloadable app at ivi’s website,

“The cable industry has spent countless millions of dollars on so-called ‘TV Everywhere’ solutions in a blind effort to prop-up outdated technology and business models” said Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of ivi, Inc. “However, ivi empowers its users to experience TV Anywhere, offering them major broadcast channels delivered live to their laptop or desktop, anywhere on the planet. Whether eventually integrated into Google TV, Apple TV, or meshed with an existing platform’s digital strategy, ivi makes the set-top-box and any ‘Web to TV’ products obsolete. Instead of attempting to bring the Web to the TV, ivi intuitively brings TV to the Web.”

The ivi TV player transforms a computer into a television, containing multiple channel offerings that viewers can select from the user-friendly channel guide or by simply changing the channel. ivi TV is a stand-alone, simple application that allows users to seamlessly watch broadcast television on their computer without sacrificing the user’s ability to run other applications simultaneously. The ivi TV player is currently available for download to any Windows, Apple, or Linux computer, and will soon be available on other platforms, including mobile devices, tablets, and set-top-boxes.

As consumers devote more time to the Internet, the proliferation of new devices is driving them to seek OTT and cord-cutting options. ivi offers the first cross-platform, live TV application allowing both place and time shifting in a single software solution. The basic ivi Air package contains over 25 major broadcast channels for $4.99/mo USD, after the 30 day free trial, with more air channels to be added each month for no additional cost to the base package price. In addition, an upgrade offering time-shifting DVR functionality is available at an introductory price of $0.99/mo USD.

ivi’s launch is bolstered by recent published findings from multiple renowned research firms validating this shift in consumer behavior. Leading research organization, SNL Kagan reported that, for the first time, cable companies lost a staggering 711,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2010 alone—the biggest quarterly loss in cable TV’s history. Yankee Group recently issued a report indicating that the broadcast and cable industry stubbornly clings to a belief that their pay TV revenues continue to increase when, in fact, they decrease, as consumers become gradually more educated and word-of-mouth spreads about OTT as a viable solution.

In spite of prolonged economic pressure on consumers, cable TV subscription rates have increased 5-7.5% each year while the quality of cable service has steadily decreased, with consumer dissatisfaction soaring.

ivi offers a fresh, innovative and affordable approach to live television by providing an online cable system for those consumers who are increasingly expressing discontent with cable’s antiquated content delivery methods, limited options, and high subscription costs.

Weaver continued, “Recognizing the fate of the landline telephone and the digital debacle experienced by the music industry, ivi offers the broadcast and cable industries innovation they do not have time to build. Consumer-friendly features like a la carte are built in the ivi technology and are available as a turn-key solution to shift cord-cutting losses into online paid views for content owners, offering consumers the choice they have long demanded, with a compelling solution to a multi-billion dollar problem. Forcing consumers to pay for undesired content did not work for the music industry, and it is equally unsustainable for the cable and satellite industries. There is no incentive to fight us, when they should simply join us.”

The ivi TV player allows the consumer unparalleled flexibility in their live television viewing experience. ivi TV moves across devices and locations, allowing users to watch programs at home on a desktop computer or on their laptop while at their favorite cafe–the ivi subscription travels with the user.

Fast Facts About ivi

· No buffering – ivi’s proprietary technology solves frustrating buffering problems typical with watching video content online. ivi offers continuous TV programming, just like traditional TV, but online.
· ivi’s nimble technology allows easy installation and requires minimal system requirements.
· ivi plays in different quality levels, depending on your broadband connection, so anyone can enjoy live TV anywhere they are connected to the Internet, regardless of its speed.
· ivi allows users to watch local content anywhere in the world, such as viewing New York City broadcast channels anywhere from Paris to Perth to Peru.
· Offering a la carte channels, channel packages, and subscription services gives consumers more options and control.
· Priced at $4.99/mo, ivi is significantly less expensive than traditional cable TV, which averages $71.00 per month, according to research firm Centris.
· ivi TV is cross-platform, working identically on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
· America’s favorite pastime of channel surfing remains alive and well with ivi, which compiles (aggregates) channels into one viewing format allowing the user to discover, select, and watch their favorite channels.
· ivi is in talks with Nielsen, providing valuable analytics to help the existing advertising business model of channels and broadcasters.

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