Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Touch Screen Mini-note_Slate PCs Shipment Forecast

In the first quarterly update to its Touch Panel Market Analysis, DisplaySearch has increased the forecast of projected capacitive touch screens for mini-note and slate PCs. Total touch screen shipmentsfor mini-note/slate PC in the size range of 5.0-10.2” areprojected to reach 19.5M in 2010 and 122M in 2016.

“Penetration of touch screens in medium and large-size electronic devices such as mini-note/slate PCsand all-in-one PCs, as well as education/training applications, is rapidly increasing” noted Jennifer Colegrove, PhD, Director of Display Technologies for DisplaySearch. “Several touch screen module manufacturers are expanding capacity or adjusting technology to offer projected capacitive touch panels in an effort to take advantage of the growth spurt in this segment. However, with touch screen prices quickly falling, it is important for suppliers to have the most efficient supply chain in order to remain competitive.”

Figure 1: Touch Screen Mini-note/Slate PCs Shipment Forecast

Source: DisplaySearch Touch Panel Market Analysis Q3’10 Update

Other key findings from the Q3’10 update include the following:

Worldwide touch screen yielded capacity will reach 7.9 million square meters in 2010, and will grow to more than 10 million square meters in 2011. Production capacity (3” equivalents) is estimated to be 296 million units per month in 2010, and is forecasted to reach over 391 million units per month in 2011.
The average selling price for 5.0-10.2” touch screens used in mini-note/slate PC applications is falling rapidly, as more suppliers enter the market and manufacturing yields increase. While the majority of devices in this segment are 9.7” currently, upcoming 7” models, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and ViewSonic 7”, will shift the average size of this segment down.
In 3.0-4.9” touch screens for mobile phones, average selling prices are increasing, as demand for projected capacitive from mini note/slate PC is causing supply to tighten, and as the average screen size for mobile phones increase.
The supply chain for projected capacitive touch screens is rapidly evolving, especially in Taiwan. In 2010, projected capacitive is expected to become the leading touch technology in revenue terms.
Integration of touch sensing into displays (both in-cell and on-cell) continues to develop, for example with Samsung Mobile Display producing AMOLED with on-cell touch and AUO producing TFT LCD with on-cell. These approaches have implications for the supply chain, as they involve integration of the touch sensor and display.
The new DisplaySearch Touch Panel Market Analysis Q3’10 update serves as a supplement to the 2010 Touch Panel Market Analysis. This report covers the progress of the fast growing touch industry, including touch suppliers, newly launched touch products, trends, tradeshow/conference reviews, price trends, and DisplaySearch’s revised forecast for certain rapidly changing categories.

  • The top 20 touch suppliers capacity expansion from 2008-2011
  • Review of touch screen industry conferences, including related presentations, papers and exhibitions at SID DisplaySearch Business Conference and SID Display Week
  • Quarterly touch application trends on touch PCs, with analysis of touch penetration, supply chain of five PC segments: slate PC, mini-note, notebook PC, desktop monitor PC and all-in-one PC
  • Regional News Update, reporting the progress of more than 20 global touch companies in the past quarter
  • Price trends of projected capacitive touch screens

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