Win a Copy of DVD Ripper!

Author: Sven Rafferty
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

daniusoft dvd ripper for mac

Can this be the easiest contest ever? All you have to do is read our review and leave a comment of what you liked best of the review and what you liked the least. That’s it. The first five comments win a copy of DVD Ripper for Mac or PC. So don’t forget to enter your email address (we won’t give it to anyone) and which platform you prefer the license for. Plain and simple, huh? Oh one hitch, you can not start leaving your comments until 12:00 am PST tonight. All comments left prior to this time will not be qualified for the win.

6 Responses to “Win a Copy of DVD Ripper!”

  1. Fletch Says:

    Alarm set for 12:01AM… :shock:

  2. Tom Jones Says:

    What I liked best about the review is the Pros and Cons list. It is quick and and easy. The review also seemed fair to DVD Ripper with the seemingly biased favor for RipIt. With that being said the only negative thing I can say about this review is that I don’t have the chance to win a copy of Adobe Writer. If I happen to win I prefer the Windows option. :smile:

  3. Fletch Says:

    Beat by Jones… :lol:

    My favorite part of every SvenOnTech review: “The Bottom Line – If you are looking to simply rip your DVD collection to either backup or for use in your multimedia center, such as iTunes or Microsoft Media Center, then DVD Ripper is a smart buy. If you desire more power and options for converting media as well as ripping, then take the next step up to Video Converter Pro.”

    It’s a quick and concise read. One sentence review lets me know why I would or would not want to buy this program!

    Negative: How much space will it take up on my computer?

  4. Adam F Says:

    I read almost all of your reviews on various products; hardware and software. This review was in depth, and solid. Almost every aspect of DVD ripping is compared to another popular product and that is very helpful considering that I know write a few people who use RipIt. One thing I would have liked to see was the mention of the ability to rip 1:1 copies and burn them, not just making a single video file. Also what about the special features and subtitle ripping?

  5. John B Says:

    I liked the review. I found it very easy to read, and interesting. I also like the fact that all the important information was given in bullets right off the bat. The only question I had is this. If one of the “cons” is the fact that you cannot import to iTunes, then how (under the bottom line section) can it be a smart buy if you want to use it in your iTunes? I might have just read this wrong, but it did confuse me.


  6. Sven Rafferty Says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Your email addresses and platform preference has been sent to the software vendor who will send you your license. Adam, you did not specify Mac or PC so I slanted to the PC side for you.