Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fulton innovation logo

Fulton Innovation, the creator and exclusive licensor of eCoupled intelligent wireless power, will be giving visitors to CES a glimpse into the future of wireless power with new and intriguing applications of the technology. The company will be showing wireless power demonstrations in automotive, retail packaging, and consumer devices. A taste of what’s in store for CES attendees can be seen in a video at http://bit.ly/ecoupledCES and more details will be available on December 27th online at www.ecoupled.com/ces.

While full details of the demonstrations will not be released until January, the key draw to the booth will be an ultra-high power application of wireless power charging an electric vehicle (EV). The retail packaging demonstration will show a very low cost version of wireless power where the coils and electronics can be printed directly onto the packaging and can drive a number of package features that benefit both manufacturers and consumers alike .

All low-powered demonstrations at the Fulton booth meet the new Qi wireless power standard from the Wireless Power Consortium which was launched in July 2010.

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