Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smartphones are expensive, even with subsidies, and taking caring of them has become an important responsibility of the modern day phone user. With active lifestyles not slowing down because you have a phone that can map directions to your next event, Aryca has released a batch of cases for that very phone. The TIDE and WAVE encase your smartphone, iPhone or Android, and allow you to dive to depths down to 20 feet. Skiing, white water rafting, and swimming can now be all done with your phone. I’m not sure if Siri will work in these conditions, but at least your iPhone will after you dry off.

More info in the release below.

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Aryca™ Cases Keep Phones Dry and Safe At Depths Up to 20 Feet

SUNRISE, FL – November 16, 2011– Planning on getting away to enjoy a little fun, sun and surf this holiday season? Sharing photos with your friends and family has never been easier. Concord Keystone just added two new styles of heavy-duty waterproof smartphone cases to its line, so you can shoot video, capture images, view and playback, and email or text data, without leaving the water.

The new Aryca™ TIDE and the Aryca WAVE fully encase your smartphone, keeping it safe and dry at depths up to 20 feet so it can be submerged in water and used for wet and wild fun. The items are available at Concord Keystone.

The clear protective silicon membrane of the Aryca TIDE and Aryca WAVE supports full smartphone screen and call functionality and are the ideal protective smartphone cases when you are swimming, skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, snowboarding and more. The Aryca waterproof cases also protect the smartphone from snow and sand. When your spirit takes you to the extreme, gear-up your smartphone with the Aryca Tide or Aryca Wave to keep it safe, secure and dry.

Inserting a smartphone into Aryca cases is easy. Simply lift the safety latch at the side of the case, turn the cap counter-clockwise to open, place the phone in the case and close.

Both the Aryca TIDE and WAVE are IPX8 certified waterproof cases (up to 20-feet) and come with a neck strap and a floating yellow lanyard to keep phones buoyant and visible on the water’s surface.

The Aryca TIDE and Aryca WAVE cases are each designed for specific smartphones.

The Aryca TIDE is compatible with smartphones within dimensions of 4.88″ x 2.70″ x .55″ including the following:

Google: Nexus S 4G
HTC: Trophy, Droid Incredible/Incredible 2, ThunderBolt, Inspire 4G, HD2 US, HD7/HD7S, Surround, Arrive, Evo 4G/Evo Shift 4G
Kyocera: Zio M6000
LG: Ally, Quantum
Motorola: Droid 2, Atrix 4G, i1, Cliq 2
Nokia: C7
Samsung: Focus, Captivate, Transform, Galaxy S 4G, Vibrant
Sony-Erickson: Xperia Play CDMA, Xperia X10a

The Aryca WAVE is compatible with smartphones within dimensions of 4.55″ x 2.56″ x .55″, including the following:

Apple: iPhone 3GS/3G, 4S/4
Blackberry: Storm2 9550, Torch 9800
HTC: Freestyle, Aria
HP: Veer 4G
Kyocera: Echo
LG: Fathom, Cosmos Touch, Vortex, Thrive, Phoenix, Encore, Optimus S/T
Motorola: Bravo, Defy
Pantech: Crossover, Crux
Samsung: Soltice

Sony-Erickson: Vivaz

The Aryca TIDE and the Aryca WAVE are available in 4 colors – black, white, pink & yellow.
MSRP: $39.99


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