Monday, September 10, 2012

My final prediction before the Apple’s announcement Wednesday is that it will not be called the iPhone 5, iPhone 4SS, or any other varient other than the new iPhone.  Simply, it will be called, iPhone. Now before you label me insane and an idiot, just take a read of what I have to write about this name and why Apple is slowly changing the smartphone market once again like it did when it entered the phone industry.

If you read my article “Why The iPhone 5 Won’t Be the Last One to Look Like the iPhone 4″ (read it!), then you’ll understand the first part of this equation of bringing the PC era into the smartphone era.  Slowing down the form factor change to a more reasonable time table as seen in the computer industry, Apple is not content with just changing the look of its phones every four years or so like it does with its current line of desktop and laptops.  No, it desires a uniform convention for all of its products.  Look closely and you’ll only find the iPhone with a model number.  iMacs? Nope.  MacBook Airs? Not there. MacBook Pros? Negative. Mac minis? Uh-uh.  Well what about the Apple TV? Not on your life.  What about all the iPods and its variants? Ixnay on the model-say.  Oh wait, the iPad!!  Aaah, now we’re getting closer but Apple axed the model name with the most current release; hence, the altered graphic here.

Folks, along with the iPad ditching the number 3 for it’s third release, I see Apple executing the same with the iPhone.  Many were a bit perplexed - even stunned for some – that Apple was not going to call its newest tablet the iPad 3.  Sure, everyone still calls the new iPad the iPad 3 (I’ve even overheard Apple Store employees in Sacramento refer to it as such,) but that will be long forgotten in a couple of years when the fifth-generation iPad is released.  It will simply be the iPad with fifth-generation only stated for differentiation and only then by geeks.

“But the iPhone is different. It’s a phone,” may be the next rebuttal.  Yes, it is a phone but who cares?  This is Apple.  Apple does what Apple wants not what the market enjoys.  Again, just look back to the iPad as proof that it doesn’t have to follow what Samsung, ASUS, or Motorola does.  This is Apple.

For those that think the Cupertino company that once had Computers in its name isn’t big on change in the way it does things, may I remember you that the iPhone for its first three generations released in late June or Early July.  The iPhone 4 was bumped a few months later to September all while the press said no it wouldn’t do it early on because of the iPod announcements and such during the same season.  Whelp, guess Apple did.

No, as my final forecast for the next iPhone, I am pretty certain it will be the new iPhone.  Too many indications point to it with the leaks of the same body design being the strongest evidence along side the iPad just being the iPad today.  Sure, I could be wrong and completely be reading way too much into the subtleties  of the last six months, I won’t deny that; however, my gut and years of observing Apple says that the biggest surprise Wednesday will be the name, not the product.

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