Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that enhance ones day-to-day in big ways.  I see GoSmart as one such item.  A simple piece of plastic that clips your iPhone onto either a shopping cart, steering wheel, or at the gym’s treadmill, you will now be able to use the GoSmart to place your iPhone right in front of you.  Shopping will be a breeze freeing up both of your hands.  I know I’d love to use this for my many trips to Sam’s Club and such.  Fearing I’ll drop my phone while browsing the isles, the GoSmart would definetly put comfort into my life!  Read more below.

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September 18, 2012, Los Angeles, CA — GoSmart, Inc. www.justgosmart.com announced today that it is shipping the GoSmart Clip http://www.gosmartclip.com/, the essential tool for busy travelers for safer GPS phone call use in cars.  A great gift for everyone that needs access to smartphones, the GoSmart Clip securely holds and clips iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones to car steering wheels or other places for quick access to GPS directions. The GoSmart Clip’s compact design lets you place the GPS phone on the steering wheel close to you, so you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel while using GPS, making it much safer than windshield, dashboard, or other GPS systems, that are further away from your eyes and increase the time you’re taking your eyes off the road.


Drive Smart/Travel Smart – for Business Travelers – Simple & Elegant Solution to Stay Connected on the Road


Compact and portable, the GoSmart Clip is ideal for business travelers, multi-taskers, salespeople, and drivers who depend on their mobile phones and who are always on the go.  The GoSmart Clip is designed to secure virtually anywhere, allowing people to use their hands for other things rather than holding their phones.  Great for business calls or video streaming on Skype or for sending emails and texting in the airport or while waiting for a car rental or on line, just clip your phone to the handle of your roll-aboard suitcase or other place to work hands-free while on-the-go. 



For Hands-Free Leisure Activities from Golf to Shopping


In addition to using the GoSmart Clip for business travelers, it can also be used for leisure activities by mounting it on golf carts to keep score of the game; on beach umbrellas for music at the beach; on exercise equipment to read or listen to music; on shopping carts for keeping track of shopping lists; and on baby strollers for talking to friends or for soothing music for baby.


“The GoSmart Clip was originally designed as a new smartphone holder that securely fastens to the steering wheel, making GPS and phone calls much safer while driving,” said GoSmart Inc.  President and Inventor, Jae Son.  “But we’ve found it also useful for multi-taskers (which is almost everyone using a smartphone now), acting as a third hand to keep your phone available for easy access on the go.”


GoSmart Clip Uses:


•         In a car:  Use a GPS or traffic app on your smartphone in your car or rental car with easy access.

•         Hands-free cell phone use:  Talk on your cellphone safely, hands-free.

•         At the airport or train station:  Secure it to a backpack, suitcase, or shoulder bag and work, send emails, texts, Skype, or watch a video while waiting.

•         At the gym:  Fasten it to a cardio machine and listen to music, read, or watch a video while working out.

•         On a purse or bag:  Attach it to the strap or handle of a purse or shoulder bag for easy access to your cell phone.

•         On a shopping cart:  Attach to the grocery store shopping cart to view shopping lists, text, or talk without having to hold a phone.

•         At the beach:  Strap to a beach umbrella for music at the beach.

•         At the golf course: Attach to golf cart to keep score or view maps.

•         On a boat or back seat of car:  Attach to a boat steering wheel or the back of car seat head rest to watch movies.

•         On your belt:  Attach to your belt to use as a phone stand to prop at an angle to easily view the screen.

•         On a baby stroller:  Attach to baby stroller to talk on the phone or soothe the child with music, a book or favorite video.


The GoSmart Clip attaches easily with no tools required with a strong elastic strap that holds the phone securely in place.  The innovative design works with most smartphones on the market today, including iPhones and Androids, at 4” to 5” long (100mm – 125mm) tall and less than 0.75” thick (20mm).  The perfect gift, the GoSmart Clip is available immediately in red or black with a lifetime warranty, priced at $24.95 through Amazon.com and http://justgosmart.com/store/.  For more information, see the GoSmart website:  www.justgosmart.com YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/JustGoSmart?feature=watch  Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/JustGoSmart  Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/justgosmart.


About GoSmart


GoSmart, Inc. www.justgosmart.com is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California.  GoSmart develops and markets exceptionally useful travel aids and consumer accessories for smart mobile devices.  Their current product line includes the GoSmart Stylus with precise touchscreen pointing with an unobstructed view through a patent-pending capacitive wire tip; the GoSmart Restpad; and GoSmart Clip for iPhone for safer GPS viewing in the car.  For more information, see www.justgosmart.com.

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