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SvenOnTech came out from the makings of Svenrox.com. The site was started in March of 2000 and the blog followed two years later in April. When the blog first started, like many others, it really had no purpose and was mainly personal ramblings. Soon, though, you could find peppering of my favorite tech things being blogged about. It would be a few years later that I started MyPalmLife.com with the founder John Winstanley which made Svenrox.com even more tech savvy. After that, I started writing for Lockergnome and then months later, it dawned on me that Svenrox was two things: a bad prideful title and full of tech stuff. Change was needed. And here is the change.

Our hopes for SvenOnTech is to bring not the biggest tech site on the web, but one with a very different perspective on tech. Tech sites are a dime a dozen out there and we want this site to be a resource which compliments the Gizmodo’s and Engadget’s. We’re not trying to be like them, we’re trying to be like SvenOnTech. We want to bring you insightful articles, down-to-earth reviews, tech news of interest, and just things that really aren’t “techy”. We think we’re already doing that and soon, our following will be big enough that we’ll all question if we should keep our day job. Okay, we hope it’ll happen soon! ;)

We hope you enjoy SvenOnTech and visit us daily or add us to your RSS feed-roll. Either way, visit us!

About Sven in the SvenOnTech

Well I am a graduate of San Jose State University with an emphasis in M.I.S. (I was part of the Web Presence Team…which made the MIS Web page that seems to have fallen off the web). I am currently running my own IT and Web solutions business, hyperSven. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to what God has in store for me in the future. Being I worked for the hot start up Financial Engines for nearly three years and Hitachi Internetworking for almost five years, I feel that I have the needed skills and assets to make this venture work.

I moved to the Central Valley in late June of 1999 since I couldn’t afford a house in my former home city, San Jose. I still love San Jose and even though San Francisco receives more attention then San Jose, it really can’t compare to the City of Silicon. San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley and has a population of almost one million, beating “The City” by over a quarter of a million. In fact, San Jose is the third largest city in California, tenth in the nation! Yet, even with these two major factors, San Jose is still not to be found on national weather maps and always mentioned as “San Jose, CALIFORNIA” in magazines and most TV programs. This really get’s my goat, but hey, it makes it a hidden secret, huh? (Ya, just ask any NHL player who has come to San Jose.) Oh, one more San Jose banner item, the city was California’s first capitol. Only after a few years of being so, it was moved to Bencia (in the North Bay Area) due to the fact the Capitol “Building” was too small and San Jose did not have the funds to build a new larger facility.

So, back to me! I was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany on March 16th, 1970 at 12 pounds and 24 inches! My mother and I moved here to San Jose in early ’73 and she later married my dad. In 1976, two days before the dawning of a new year, my brother was born. We are seven years apart in age, which made our relationship rough when he was young. Now, he’s all grown up, graduated from the same Uni’ and married soon after graduation. We get along quite well now. In late 1994 I was born, again! The event is so amazing and so in depth, I’ve devoted it’s own section called, well, my testimony. :)

I’m 5’11″, have dirty blond hair (well, more brown then anything now), a rather large nose (like Ringo) and I have hazel eyes, what most tell me are my best feature. My interests are God and His awesome Son Jesus Christ, hockey (playing and watching), music (I have over 1000 CDs which are all in MP3 format–75GB of it!) of any sort, but like Alternative the best, DVD’s and home theater (Dolby Digital, baby!) reading and computers.

I’ve been playing with computers since I was in sixth grade and have this curious fascination about them. I love to take things apart and see how they work, hence the birth of my web pages. Since I have been in high school, I knew my career would have computers in it somewhere and it became a reality in Fall of ’97 when I finally got paroled–er–graduated (the California University system is not one to brag about anymore.)

My favorite group are The Beatles. I love this band and believe there will never be a band like them again. They pushed the envelope so many times that music industry is indebted to them to this day. The Smashing Pumpkins use to be my second favorite, but with the release of “Adore”, they’ve now moved to the bottom of the list (man, that album sucks!) and Robert Smith and the Cure take that crown of number two. Stavesacre is my third favorite and my favorite Christian band. Other incredible Christian bands are
Jonah33, Rock ‘N’ Roll Worship Circus, DC Talk, T-Bone, blindside and Thousand Foot Krutch.

Another hobby I have is writing poetry. I have been writing since my Junior year in high school and have written near a thousand poems to date. There was some expressed interest in my work early on in my writing, so I began compiling the poems into self disturbed collections, under the banner “a sven lars rafferty collection, presents” by my fourth collection. This lasted until 1993 when I discontinued releasing collections due to the lack of interest of my friends. I continued my writings; however, I have never “released” them, save one. I became a Christian in late 1994 which influenced a new generation of collections, published by “a sven lars loebler collection ” . new was the first collection to be released and was given to all my brothers and sisters at my church as a Christmas gift. Nearly a year later, in Christ was released. I was putting together “slow long journey” ; however, I lost heart in putting it together and it may never be “released” due to the lack of interest, once more. While this is frustrating, I continue to write for myself. I figured that if my friends didn’t enjoy my poetry, then the folks of cyberspace would, hence the creation of poets corner. I knew here, people would enjoy the work and it would not feel like a waste to me when I “released” something new.

“So, tell me about your web pages.” Well, SvensPage was the first to be made. At first it consisted of some links and one graphic, which I had used for Netcom (the HTML was stored locally on my hard drive.) Because of months of promises from Netcom about the release of SLIP lines never happened (see, proof I was on the Internet a way loooooong time ago!), I then changed providers. My next provider, HookeD (since long bought out) allowed web pages to be made and stored on the users home directory. I then changed providers–twice–HookeD wanted too much money for too little service in the domain department, so I went to AimNet. But their customer service was a joke and dialing in to them is like dialing a radio station. My next provider was Internet Hotline. Great prices, no busy signals and customer service…that is truly service! I’ve since moved to broadband and now have AT&T Broadband (now Comcast). Note, I don’t have a link to them for a reason (search my blog to find out why). As to my hosting services for my multiple sites (lizrox.com, katelynrox.com, roxfamily.com, svenrocks.com, hyperSven.com, raffertyfamily.com, svenrafferty.com and the newly added, sven.us) now, I use Christian Web Host services. They support MySQL, PHP, full control of e-mail addresses, mailing lists, cgi-bin and on and on. They really do rock!

Anyway, back to were I started. I took my “homepage” (that very first run back in the Netcom days) and stored it up on the server. Viewing it for the first time on HookeD dulled my eyes…it was blah. So, within that week, I started surfing other homepage’s for idea’s and taught myself how to tag. I added graphics, reformatted and retitled the page from Sven’s Hot List Lite to SvensPage. In the course of three weeks, the page was completely redone five times! By May, it was done in the “major” department.

The “subpages” or SvensLinks (now phatlinx) came after SvensPage was completed. The first sub page to be worked on was the Sharks FINger The Web Version. The contents of the page had already existed for nearly a month before becoming hypertext, in finger form (not the finger, but the finger protocol. You Netizens know what I’m talking about.) I had made my .plan a place for updated scores, facts, information and more for Sharks fans. When I kept receiving a lot of mail asking how to work “finger” or that a user didn’t have it, I decided to make a web version as well. But a year later, I had to kill it. I wasn’t able to give it it’s day to day it needed. Between school, work and my beautiful wife, it just had to go…

poets corner was the next page to receive a birth. It’s creation came due to two reasons. First, I wanted something linked to my homepage that would entice people to return. Second, I wanted to release my work to people who appreciated poetry. A third reason seemed to appear when I was unable to find a site on the ‘net that had a collection of links and original poetry on one site…now there is.

poets corner was a laborious task, not because there was an abundance of graphics or a fancy set up, but because the conversion of my collections to hypertext. I first had to convert the poems from MacIntosh to OS/2. Then I had take all the poems from their original state (individual pages) and combine them all on a single “page” . Linking them all to a contents and hypertexting them. The first collection to go up, in Christ, took me four hours. The second one three and the third two hours. Now remember, this was done back in the early days of the web…so there were no converters yet!

Finding a selection of other poetry sites was not easy as well. There just wasn’t that much on the Internet in relation to poetry. In the course of a month, I was able to find a nice group of links to add to the page. And while I only have three collections and a single poem up, this will change within the coming months as I convert more of my past collections. Today, this site is one of the most stopped by poetry sites on the web.

So, that leads us up to svenrox. How did that come into play? Well, when I registered my first domain, I tried for sven.com. It was taken by some small company on the East Coast. So I registered hypersven.com. People who know me know why I choose that. Anyway, in March of 2000, I looked to see if Sven.com was still owned by the same company. It wasn’t. In fact, just shortly after I looked it up the first time, the company gave it up and some kid in Heidelberg got it! Oh, well, at least he’s a Sven, too. So, I decided on going with svenrox.com. It was live March 4th, 2000. I was in Europe with my family to see my brother get married in Hamburg. So I only had a “place holder” up. When I got back two weeks later, I started making the site. First the “gun scope” front page was made, then the sections format was created and then the buttons. All this was done with PhotoShop 5.5 and ImageStyler 1.0. Once I had that done, it was time to flesh out the pages. Little by little, I did. I choose the hardest section first, digipix. Doing galleries just take so much time, yet I think they can be the best part of a site. So, what better way to premiere the section then with pix of my brand new kitties! After that, everything else starting falling in. I did this section next and then started pretty much the rest in one sweep.

But in the web world, look-n-feel needs often updates. You have to be fresh, always. Unfortunately, that takes time. But with the help of my Purple Pod guru, Roger, and my hyperSven skills, we created version 2.x in February of 2002. Shortly after that, I realized I should stop laughing at the bloggers and start blogging myself to increase traffic to my site. So on April 27th, I did and it’s here.

So, that’s how all this stuff came to be. In final I do want to mention my beautiful wife, Elizabeth. She is fours years younger than me and has lived most of her life in San Jose. We meet at a party early 1992. I’ve never been a “playboy,” so I was quite nervous when I asked Elizabeth out on our first date. In fact my heart was pounding so hard, I thought for sure she would hear it on the phone! She said yes and a week later on March 26th, 1992, we saw “Wayne’s World” . From there, our relationship blossomed and on October 8th, 1994 I took here to Carmel’s 17 Mile Drive and asked her to marry me in a secluded part of the woods, with picnic basket and all. Her response was, “What do you think?” We were married at our church, Milpitas Bible Fellowship, on July 3rd, 1995. My company, hyperSven made and maintains their page. Check it out!

Well, I’m sure that was way more than you wanted to read, so with that, I bid you farewell and thank you for stopping by. If you would like to leave me a message, fill out my form with your comments, suggestions or just ramblings, please feel free to do so.

May God bless you and may He be in your day!



If you’re looking for details in the accident Liz and I were in, then you want to go to the Accident section. Since the moving of Svenrox to SvenOnTech, it didn’t seem like it could fit on the front page like it previously did. So now, it’s buried in here until I get a private site up. Someday.