Vapex Rechargeable Batteries

Author: Sven Rafferty
May 7th, 2010
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Battery Life:



  • Batteries come pre-charged (Instant)
  • Durable
  • Long lasting charge (Regular)
  • No memory effect (Regular)


  • D-sized cost a bit high
  • Long recharge time for regular series
  • Australia only

The Bottom Line
Vapex batteries work well and keep your electronics running for a good amount of time. They don’t appear to be cheap and thus you can put them in your expensive devices without fear of battery leaks. Sanyo no longer is the only game in town for quality and economical rechargeable batteries, mate!


Full Review
SvenOnTech received a batch of AA and D battery cells for testing. Like many of our readers, we have lots of electronic devices that like to eat power and cause you to spend lots of money on those “long lasting” alkaline batteries that claim to keep going and going and going. Truth is, they’re bank breakers and rechargeable really is the only wise way to go, both financially and environmentally. Sanyo, known for its cheap electronics, has surprised the world with well made Ni-MH cells at a low cost. Now Vapex wants in on this business but is it as good as those white batteries?

Electronics Warehouse sent us two different colors of batteries, green and orange. The green batteries are the “Instant” while the orange are the regular rechargeable. Vapex states that the Instant batteries, “are the latest in battery technology while they have lower capacity they have slower self discharge allowing longer shelf life and can be used straight off the shelf. They retain 80% of their capacity after 6 months…” If you find you’ll have a need to store batteries and desire that long shelf-life, these are the way to go. The Instant also charge quickly. Even with the less capacity, the Instant never felt that it wasn’t enough of a lasting charge.

The regular, the orange package, do have higher capacities; ultra high. They are environmentally friendly containing no mercury, cadmium, or lead. They also allow for up to 1,000 charges keeping them out of landfills much longer than other batteries. The best part, in my opinion, is that lack of memory effect. You’ll never have to discharge the batteries so charge 1,000 will be as full as charge 1 was. Top it off with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year warranty, you can feel pretty good about your purchase.

I used the Instant and regular on a various electronics, all which had music involved in them, and I must say, I was surprised by how long the batteries lasted. In fact, I would swear they lasted longer than the Sanyo Eneloops I have. For my headphone amp, the music was loud and the sound reproduced nicely. After the amp took its toll on the batteries, I charged them in a Sanyo charger, yes one designed for the Eneloops, without any problem. The Instants charged in about 30 minutes and the regulars over-night. Music couldn’t slow these batteries down as they just lasted for what seemed a good period of time. While they did not last as long as alkaline, I kept finding myself expecting them to die way sooner than they ever did. They just really lasted for a good amount of time for rechargeable batteries.

While I did not have enough time or equipment to test the charge cycle on these batteries, I am fairly confident in the numbers given. They are not outrageous and seem within line of cycles for this type of battery.

Vapex is inching into a crowded market with Duracell, Energizer, and Sanyo with its product offering. If it can come in cheaper than the competition, then it will do well without a doubt. Vapex can keep up with the bunny and the copper top as well as that white and blue text guy. I do think the D cells are a bit high in price; however, it does last longer than what the competition is offering, so in the end, it may just cost you less to have.

Price: $14.99 (AA & D)
Platform: Common battery sizes including phones and other electronics. See web site for more details.
Website: Product Information
Twitter: electronicsAUS

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