NewerTechnology NuGuard Leather

Author: Sven Rafferty
September 17th, 2010
NewerTechnology NuGuard Leather


  • Adds protection to iPad
  • Feels nice in your hands
  • Beautiful texture adds touch of class
  • Easy to install and remove


  • No protection for the sides or top of iPad

The Bottom Line
If you’re looking to protect your pricey investment called the iPad but do not want to fully cover your beautiful tablet, then the NuGuard is a viable solution for you. With a classy looking texture that feels good in your hands, you’ll add protection to your iPad with style.




Ease of Use:





Full Review
I love Apple products for its superb functionality and ease of use. With Johnny Ives designing nearly everything coming out of the Cupertino-based headquarters of geek beauty, it pains me to cover his master peaces of art. It’s why none of my iPhones have had cases. Why my MacBook Pro sits in its native shell. But the iPad? Ugh, if that thing drops, it’s not going to be a pretty site. So, how does one protect it while still showing off it’s brilliance? NewerTech, do I hear ya calling?

NewerTechnology sent SvenOnTech its NuGuard Hard Shell Polycarbonate (cool plastic) Case for us to fit on the iPad and try out. Truthfully, I didn’t think much of it when I removed it from the box as I really just didn’t want to cover up my iPad. But I sacrificed and removed the case from the easy to remove bag packaging and inserted the iPad easily into the case. It was, literally, a snap. I then picked it up and once in my hands, I immediately was impressed with the feel and texture of the case. I looked closely at it and was surprised by the detail in the texture. It is one classy looking case. The feel is soft and delicate to your skin but you know it will also protect your iPad at the same time. The case keeps a nice grip to most surfaces it sits on and you won’t find it sliding on much if at all. It doesn’t stick to where you lay it, so grabbing it for use is as if nothing is on your iPad.

I know the case will protect the back of my iPad well but I am not fooling myself that if I drop it that it’s going to protect the iPad from some big time damage. It may, but again, I don’t expect it to. NewerTechnology has made a really nice case here and in most cases, it is going to protect you from scratches, skids, and minor falls…maybe even from a brush from death. You get the sense of a real good build here from NewerTechnology. Everything I’ve ever had from these guys has proven better than I expected and I feel that the NuGuard will keep your iPad new and guard it from much…but just don’t think it’ll make your iPad indestructible. :)

Price: $24.99

Platform: iPad

Website: Product Webpage

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