May 18th, 2008


  • Extends iPhone life nearly 2x
  • Light weight
  • Small
  • Easy to use


  • Slow recharge times
  • No color-coded cord

The Bottom Line
With no removable battery on the beloved iPhone, when there is an absolute need for longer lasting power, there really is no better choice than the Mybat External Battery for the iPhone.



Battery Life:

Ease of Use:





Full Review
When the iPhone was released, much was made of its internal battery and the inability to swap it out with a fresh one when needed. While Apple tried to douce the critics flames with some ritzy Silicon Valley bottled water with its assurance of long lasting battery life, many ignored the claims. To Apple’s credit, for the most part, the iPhone holds up pretty well, especially when compared with other like phones. However, if you’re on a long flight and are watching a lot of movies, don’t expect to make a long phone call on the way to baggage claims. I know there has been times where I had a full day of calls, email, and minor web browsing and my battery was less than 20% at only six hours. An extra battery would have been nice to have laying around. That’s where Mybat comes in.

Matt Burge, Product Developer, at Exchange Cellular, sent SvenOnTech a Mybat External Battery for iPhone and iPod for testing. Test we did. Our residents podcast lover, Elizabeth, would use her iPhone through out the day extensively giving it heavy use at night. Its at this time the iPhone was on its last breath and this is when the Mybat External Battery saved her night. Tethered to the Cupertino designed (made in China) phone, the Mybat kept podcasts a playing through the evening. When Elizabeth’s own internal battery gave out, she would leave the Mybat connected to her iPhone and have a fully charged phone for the morning. She was loving it.

Through the months of heavy use, we found the battery to give the iPhone about 1.5 times more life. Meaning, we could charge the iPhone one-and-half times off a fully charged Mybat. A nearly dead iPhone would run an easy six hours and then get fully charged up from a 100% charged Mybat unit.

The only thing we found bad about the Mybat External Battery was just how long it took to recharge. With the only button on the unit displaying either green for a good charge or red for low (blinking red for pretty much dead), the Mybat External Battery would take nearly 12 hours to fully recharge and bring you back to the green light. Understandable since the only way to charge it is from you’re existing iPhone or iPod cable connected to your Mac or PC. By doing this, you’re limiting yourself to 5 volts of power. That’s a trickle charge in essence. An AC wall-mount plug would be a nice thing to have for a quicker charge.

Without doubt, the Mybat External Battery for iPhone and iPod is a lifesaver for anyone in need to extend their iPhones battery beyond nominal use. If you’re on a coast-to-coast flight, a Hollywood producer that talks too much, or someone who really does use their iPhone more like a computer than a phone, then this your ticket to a longer lasting iPhone.

Price: $49.95 (WirelessGround)

Platform: iPhone and iPod (with dock connector)

Website: Mybat External Battery for iPhone and iPod

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