Thursday, November 29, 2012

If battery life has got you down on your new iPhone 5 and you’re looking to extend it, now you can while protecting it as well.  iBattz brings the first-ever battery case that is also a snap-on case for your iPhone 5.  According to iBattz, “The Mojo Hi5 case is a two-part protective case that features a detachable 2500mAh aluminum battery to keep users powered up on the go.”  You can use it to charge other USB devices as well.  The unique thin case will set you back $80 but for extra juice in a “…minimalistic design…”, you are getting off with a pretty good dea.

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RAMSEY, NJ – November 29, 2012 – iBattz, creators of intelligent power solutions, introduces their first protective battery case for iPhone® 5 with the Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case. The Mojo Hi5 case is a two-part protective case that features a detachable 2500mAh aluminum battery to keep users powered up on the go. The battery is thin, lightweight and complementary to the iPhone 5’s minimalistic design. In addition, it can also be used to power other USB devices.


Functionality and design were key components in the development of the Mojo Hi5. This is evident in the sleek outer case which fuses flawlessly with the slim form of the iPhone 5. The user has the option to use the battery or just protect their phone with the thin yet protective case. The 2500mAh battery effortlessly attaches to the case for charging on the go, and is removable for charging other USB enabled devices.


Included with the Mojo Hi5 Powerbank case is the 2500mAh battery, matte black and gloss white cases, USB to Micro USB charging cable, Velcro strap and a short flex USB cable for charging the iPhone 5 when connected with the Apple Lightning to micro USB adapter, available at the Apple Store and online, sold separately.




“Attention to detail is key for us at iBattz. Staying true to the sleek design of the new iPhone 5, we made sure to create a case that would perfectly complement this stunning phone,” said Richard Martin, President, iBattz North American operations. “The Mojo Hi5 provides immediate snap-on power and quick charging capability — it’s a must-have accessory for people always on-the-go.”


The Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case is available at and for a MSRP of $79.90


About iBattz 

iBattz creates award-winning products through innovative design to enhance the technology essential to our lives. We offer a full line of power accessories designed for Apple® iPhone® and other intelligent mobile devices.


With over 10 years of experience in R&D, industrial design, and manufacturing of battery technology, you can trust the reliability and performance of all iBattz products.


For more information about the Mojo Hi5 and full line of iBattz products visit the website


Charge Your HTC Amaze While Skinned

Author: Sven Rafferty
Friday, October 21, 2011

Got an HTC Amaze 4G? Love the speed of the peppy network on T-Mobile? Wondering how to keep things peppy through the day without being near a wall charger? You may wish to look at PowerSkin’s new skin for the HTC Amaze camera phone and, sorry for the pun, be amazed by the extra 410 minutes of talk time. More data time, too. The skin is 100% recyclable outside of the battery and electronics so when it’s time to replace it, you can feel good about dropping it into a recycle bucket.

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Modesto, CA – October 20, 2011 – PowerSkin® continues to dominate the category for Android portable power solutions with the launch of its newest battery case for the HTC Amaze 4G, featuring 1500 mAh of battery capacity integrated into its smooth silicone exterior.

Extending talk time up to 410 extra minutes, the HTC Amaze 4G PowerSkin® is not only a reliable back-up power source for all-day phone use, the skin is also 100% recycled (except for the battery and internal components) making it a green option for consumers seeking more power with less environmental impact.

“Every PowerSkin® we bring to market reflects our commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality and performance,” said David Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PowerSkin® / XPAL Power. “As the leading battery case maker for Android phones, each one of our skins provides top-notch protection and power encased in an eco-friendly design that consumers can feel good about using.”

The HTC Amaze 4G skin will be available in T-Mobile stores nationwide next week for $69.99, and is also available now on and

To learn more about PowerSkin® products visit and contact Jennifer Reiss at 305-576-1171 ext. 144 or via e-mail at

Follow PowerSkin® on Facebook at and on Twitter.

About PowerSkin®

PowerSkin® silicone cases with built-in batteries provide twice the power for your smartphone, featuring sleek, protective designs that fit your phone and fit your style. PowerSkin® is XPAL Powered, meaning it’s charged by patented battery technology that reflects the highest standards for safety, quality and performance. Designed to be your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source, PowerSkin® has got you – and your phone – covered. For more information, visit:

About XPAL Power

XPAL Power, a subsidiary of TennRich International, is a California-based corporation with its sales and marketing team located in the United States. The TennRich design team is located in Taiwan, and the company-owned factory in Shenzhen, PRC is the first factory in China to focus on rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of portable power packs in Asia. The XPAL Powered™ seal stands for quality, safety and efficiency – a guarantee that these traits are inside every product that authenticates through the XPAL verification service. XPAL Verified™ is an authentication process that underscores our commitment to quality, using complex algorithms to detect and transfer battery serial numbers to verify its legitimacy – a safeguard customers can trust. For more information, please visit

Larger iPhone 5 Could be for Battery

Author: Sven Rafferty
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple finally sent out the invites for it’s upcoming “Let’s talk iPhone” event. There is little doubt the next-generation iPhone will be the topic of this gala to be held at 1 Infinite Loops, Apple’s headquarters, in Cupertino, California. Most expect the A5 processor CPU, better camera, and graphic video improvements. Others feel LTE is a possibility of appearing in the next iPhone. Lately touted, Apple-purchase Siri speech-to-text technology called Assistant looks to be on the agenda as well. Still, some think the iPhone will be larger based on leaked photos of upcoming cases like the one pictured above with the current iPhone sitting inside the case with plenty of wiggle room.

First reports of the larger screen seemed to point to Apple responding to the larger Motorola and HTCs that hit Verizon stores in the last few months. In classic Apple style, it didn’t make it too large as to be obnoxious, was the reason. That may be true, but I started thinking about it and wondered why, if these pictures are to believed, would Apple make the next iPhone just a bit larger? It certainly wouldn’t be for the screen. The minor bump in size would be minimal and most likely even unnoticeable in real world use.

I looked at the picture of the case again and thought, “While that’s not much space at all, if you filled it up with something like lithium-ion, then that could be a LOT of space.” You know, the active component of a rechargeable battery? It makes perfect sense when you pop open an iPad and see the majority of it is a battery and because of that, iPads can run all day long without breaking a sweat. The iPhone has been plagued with weak battery life since its inception and while the iPhone 4 claims the best performance yet, I know many users who have said that their 3GS had better life! iFix-it and the likes found little difference in the iPhone 5s battery.

So, if Apple could make a larger footprint, just a wee bit larger, and use it all for a battery, it’s very possible to gain a substantial about of battery life. I could easily see a 50% increase over the iPhone 4 with the added room seen in the next-generation iPhone case. If components used internally shrink, such as memory, then that’s even more room. Moving things around to better pack the board would also give some net gains. Thus, it’s quiet possible we could hear Tim Cook tell us October 4th that the newest iPhone has double the batter life of its predecessor.

Of course, if the larger size is in fact a done deal, the growth could be for other things like an LTE radio, better antenna, or even more memory, though I doubt the latter. But, I really do think we could be finally getting a smartphone that lasts all day. Boy, I really hope so.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scores of guesses fill the blogisphere about what Apple’s next iPhone will offer. I’ve already heard one new rumor saying goodbye to the home button and I could see that happening. What I do not see coming to the half-decade mark from Cupertino’s finest is anything mind blowing.

Nope, not this year.

Now that the number one complaint about the iPhone has been dealt with — poor service via AT&T — I think the second issue is on the list for attack: battery life. We’ve seen what Apple did with the iPad and its amazing power life, but sadly, the iPhone doesn’t have that kind of real estate as the “over-sized iPod Touch”.

Lots of talk has been bubbling about battery technology with Apple’s name attached, and I’m fairly certain that Steve Jobs has this issue high on his priority list of getting fixed. We’ve seen amazing leaps in battery life across the entire spectrum of mobile gadgetry, from the impressive Li-Ion battery cells onboard Apple’s laptops to other devices such as Amazon’s Kindle.

It’s now time for the iPhone to follow suit.

Now don’t worry, we won’t just be wooed by better battery life — there will be more under the hood, too. You’ll also see a “world phone” where both GSM and CDMA will be supported. Apple doesn’t want to manufacture two different phones, and this is why it waited so long on bringing the Verizon iPhone. Apple had to answer the Android onslaught now and thus, temporarily, we have two iPhones.

But come July, there will only be one.

LTE you ask? Remember, one phone and AT&T hasn’t even taken off the anti-static bags from its LTE radios yet. LTE will come next year…when a multi-band GSM, CDMA, LTE chip is created…and priced lower than today’s LTE chips.

Let’s see, what else can we hope for? Mmm, an antenna adjustment to relieve that death grip issue as already seen in the Verizon version (don’t fall for Apple’s marketing spin about CDMA requiring the change.) That loss of the Home button sounds about right. Oh ya, some more memory, like 64GB on the high end. Probably a better speaker, too. Oh yes, for the third time, non-smudge glass that maybe might not absorb finger prints as easily as the last four phones. Speaking of glass, the iPhone 5 will resist cracks better than the 4. Maybe Bluetooth 3 — though Apple doesn’t seem to really show any affection for it.

So, that’s what I see in the iPhone 5. Better battery life, world phone, more memory, less smudges, no death grip, louder speaker, and possibly cutting edge Bluetooth. You know, the more I think about it, scratch the Bluetooth 3.0 support. Well get that next time.

Originally published at iPhone 5 News Blog, the first blog to cover news, rumors & opinions about the iPhone 5.

Tekkeon\'s Unique Battery Case Powers Iphone 4 With Exchangeable Battery Module

Leveraging its battery expertise, Tekkeon today unveils its ultra slim rechargeable battery case for iPhone® 4, designed with Tekkeon’s unique eSwap™ technology that delivers virtually endless power. myPower™ for iPhone 4 includes a swappable battery pack that can be exchanged on the go to let users talk, rock, view, share, and stay connected longer. This tiny, sleek battery case not only provides extra power on the go, it protects iPhone 4 from everyday wear and tear and acts as a dock for automatic syncing via a high-speed micro USB 2.0 interface.

Several innovative features distinguish myPower for iPhone 4:
Swappable Battery Module
myPower for iPhone 4 features Tekkeon’s new innovative eSwap™ technology, in which the battery is housed in a separate module that can be exchanged with a fresh battery module while on the go. This enables users to carry extra, fully-charged battery packs, making its additional hours virtually limitless. The battery case comes with the Ultra Slim 1200 mAh battery pack, with extra battery packs¾both the Ultra Slim battery pack and the Ultra Power 2200 mAh battery pack¾available as optional modules.

Preserves iPhone 4 Battery
Equipped with a replaceable efficient lithium polymer battery pack, myPower for iPhone 4 preserves the iPhone battery by bypassing the battery and directly powering (rather than charging) iPhone 4. When plugged into a USB power adapter or computer USB port, myPower for iPhone 4 will simultaneously charge the connected iPhone 4 battery.

Highly Efficient Design Provides Maximum Power
Designed with intelligent circuitry, myPower for iPhone 4 provides an unheard of 95% efficiency which means the condensed lithium polymer battery provides maximum power output without adding substantial weight or size to iPhone 4. Inherent with this advanced battery technology are all the key battery safety features, including built-in protection from over current, overcharging, over discharging, overheating, and short circuiting.
myPower for iPhone 4, depending on the battery module, almost doubles or more than doubles the iPhone 4 battery:

Tekkon iPhone 4 Case Matrix

Increases Comfort
With a sleek contour that softens the iPhone 4 edges, and a slip-proof, soft touch finish, myPower for iPhone 4 makes iPhone 4 more comfortable to hold.

Minimal Footprint
At only 1.84 oz (51.5 g) and with a minimalist design that elegantly wraps iPhone 4, myPower for iPhone 4 is almost undetectable.

Protection from Wear and Tear
myPower for iPhone 4 doubles as a protective case; its hard shell interior and raised edges, along with the included myGuard protectors for the front and back of iPhone 4, provide a high level of protection to iPhone 4. Because it encloses the side and back of iPhone 4, the battery case enhances iPhone 4 reception by acting as a bumper.

“With our long history of providing innovative battery products that fully support the mobile lifestyle, Tekkeon is excited to take our battery products to the next level with our innovative eSwap technology,” says Jerry Yang, president of Tekkeon. “Because iPhone users can swap battery packs on the go, myPower for iPhone 4 ensures that users can literally never be without power.”
myPower for iPhone 4 features easy access to all iPhone 4 features, including the camera and flash. The battery case includes an on/off switch to conserve power when the battery is not needed and a bright, dual-color capacity indicator that shows remaining power at a glance.

myPower for iPhone 4 comes in three fun colors: Soft Touch Black, Soft Touch Red, and Soft Touch White. The suggested retail prices for myPower for iPhone 4 and the optional spare batteries are:

myPower for iPhone $79.95
Ultra Slim battery $39.95
Ultra Power Battery Module $49.95

myPower for iPhone 4 and the optional batteries each come with a one-year warranty.

Certified by Apple Inc. as “Made for iPhone”, myPower for iPhone 4 is available in limited quantities on the Tekkeon web site at, and will be rolled out to authorized retailers in November.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, you’ve got a lot of batteries for your Apple notebook, huh? Oh, just two? Still, you’re looking to charge them both at the same time, right? Well you cannot do that on the notebook so you’ll probably be interested in looking at an external charging station such as NewerTech’s Intelligent Battery Charging Station. Now, is the $150 price tag for the intelligence part or for the convenience?

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JuicePack Air.jpg

mStation | mophie announces juice pack air, the world’s thinnest apple-certified external battery for iPhone 3G. The rechargeable 1200 mAH lithium polymer battery housed in an ultra-thin case virtually doubles the amount of time you have to rock, talk, surf, and send. Juice pack air will be available to consumers world-wide this spring at Apple stores and for $79.95 in Black, White, and Purple.

Juice pack air features an innovative “standby mode” that allows users to control when they want to take advantage of additional battery support versus simply using it as a protective case. The integrated 4 LED charge status indicates how much juice is remaining in the external battery. Unique pass-through design allows users to simultaneously charge their juice pack air and sync their iPhone 3G with iTunes with the included USB cable.

“The juice pack air is a simple yet elegant battery boosting solution for iPhone 3G power users” says Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation | mophie. “Advanced features like standby mode and ultra-thin design make juice pack air the ideal option for both extended battery support and protection.”

Additional Battery Time Provided by juice pack air

Standby Time: Up to 270 hours
Talk Time: Up to 4.5 hours (3G) Up to 9 hours (2G)
Internet Use: Up to 4.5 hours (3G) Up to 5.4 Hours (Wi-Fi)
Audio Playback: Up to 20 hours
Video Playback: Up to 6 hours

The mophie juice pack air will be available at Apple stores and this spring with an MSRP of $79.95. For more information, visit

Tekkeon - myPower ALL, MP3300/MP3400/MP3450

Tekkeon is pleased to announce the release of its industrial-grade, high temperature version of the popular myPower ALL plus lithium polymer battery. For use as portable power with portable instruments and equipment, or as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for battery backup, Tekkeon’s new myPower ALL Plus MP3450i universal battery provides instant power for devices that require between 5V and 19V. The voltage on this new battery is fixed for the connected equipment, or can be quickly changed to meet the power needs of a wide range of devices.

A versatile power solution for power-hungry portable devices, myPower ALL Plus MP3450i will significantly extend the life of a range of instruments or equipment batteries. In fact, it has already found two distinct niche applications. With mobile routers, such as the 3G routers manufactured by CradlePoint (, the Tekkeon battery provides users up to 12 hours of runtime when no power outlet available. Likewise, myPower ALL is popular with film and video production equipment, where it provides hours of extra power for on-site LED lighting and monitors.

“As a response to overwhelming user requests for an industrial-grade battery that can be dedicated to power portable equipment and instruments, we developed this version of myPower ALL to be used with portable devices like mobile routers, and instruments that are used in the field,” says Jerry Yang, president of Tekkeon, Inc. “The uses for MP3450i are countless as the output voltage suits most portable equipment and instruments, and we offer a large variety of tips to fit various devices.”

Like its predecessors, myPower ALL Plus MP3450i is lightweight and uses visual indicators to identify the exact power level. In addition, this version includes 16 preset voltages and an on/off switch that preserves power when the battery is not in use.

An optional extended battery, model MP3450-10, can be added to myPower ALL Plus to further extend the additional battery hours. Mounting brackets are included with this optional battery to combine the batteries into a single stacked unit.

The MSRP for myPower ALL Plus model MP3450i is $199.95, and $99.95 for the extended battery (MP3450-10). Both products are currently available at the Tekkeon Store at and at myPower ALL Plus comes with a one-year limited warranty.

To ensure compatibility with most equipment and instruments, myPower ALL Plus MP3450i comes with five adapter tips that work with the most-widely used DC jacks. Additional adapter tips are available at the Tekkeon Store.

Monday, November 10, 2008

mophie jucie pack 3g.jpg

mStation | mophie announces the immediate availability of this year’s most exciting accessory for the iPhone 3G, the juice pack 3GTM. Now, iPhone 3G users never have to experience downtime as the juice pack effectively more than doubles battery life allowing more time to rock, talk, surf and send. The juice pack 3G boasts an array of great features including…

Battery Extender and Case in One – juice pack 3G is the only “Works with iPhone” Apple certified accessory that offers the convenience of an extended battery and the protection of a case, all with an ergonomically designed, soft-touch, non-slip rubberized finish.
Pass-through USB – Included USB cable enables you to simultaneously charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without having to remove it from the juice pack 3G
Advanced Battery Technology – Intelligent power distribution instructs the iPhone to always drain out the juice pack first. When you’re done with the juice pack 3G, simply detach and you still have a fully charged phone. Highly condensed lithium polymer battery delivers an incredible amount of juice in a small form factor and features built in overcharge, short circuit, and temperature protection
4 Light LED Battery Status Indicator – Integrated LED status indicator tells you exactly how much juice is left and also displays how much time remains during the charging process
Full Charged Juice Pack 3G give users more than twice the power
Standby Time – Up to additional 350 hours
Audio Playback – Up to additional 28 hours
Video Playback – Up to additional 8 hours
Talk Time –Up to additional 6 hours(3G Network) and 12 hours(2G Network)
Internet use – Up to additional 6 hours(3G) and 7 hours(Wi-Fi)
“Since we debuted juice pack 3G this Summer, the response has been overwhelmingly positive” says Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation | mophie. “There is currently a huge demand for additional battery support. juice pack 3G delivers this exceptional battery enhancement while keeping the unique style and feel of the iPhone intact and not adding unnecessary bulk.”

The mophie juice pack 3G™ is available now online and in stores at an MSRP of $99.95. For more information on the mophie juice pack 3G, please visit

Monday, August 4, 2008
Mophie Juick Pack 3G.jpg

If you’re like me, you have most likely noticed that new sweet 3G iPhone drains a lot faster than the life changing 1st Generation iPhone did. Now I find myself plugging in my 3G into the car charger anytime I’m in my truck. I feel like I’m reverting to my Windows Mobile days.

Thankfully, Mophie, makers of external batteries for iPods and the 1st generation iPhone have updated its Juice Pack to work with the “twice as fast and half the price” iPhone! Giving your demanding 3G iPhone 350 hours of standby time, 6 hours of 3G talk time (12 for 2G), 6 hours of 3G Internet use, and 7 hours for Wi-Fi. The Juice Pack will give you much needed juice. Your iPod audio will now play for more than a day at 28 hours and you’ll get 8 hours of video play. Splendid, no doubt?

Ross Howe, Sales and Product Development Director for mStation/mophie says in its press release that, “Since its debut, power users of the iPhone 3G have demanded a product that will boost battery life for extended on-the-go use” . Howe continues, “juice pack 3G delivers this exceptional battery enhancement while keeping the unique style and feel of the iPhone intact.”

You can pre-order your Juice Pack for $99.95 at Mophie’s web site now.