Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sync Digital Pictureframes, MemoryCards and USB MemorySticks with your Mac

Berlin based nova media today announced the immediate availability of FrameLoader in the Mac App Store. FrameLoader synchronises photos, music and movie files on a Mac with digital pictureframes, SD cards and USB memory sticks.

FrameLoader will convert pictures, music and videos automatically into a format which can be displayed by the selected digital Pictureframe. To display media files on a TV or other devices, FrameLoader can synchronise media files with an SD card and USB memory stick.

“Up to now it has been a pain in the neck to copy and convert files every time you want to see them on a digital pictureframe. Using FrameLoader, you simply attach the frame to your Mac and let the software do the rest.”, states Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media.

To select the media contents, FrameLoader displays a list of iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists. They can conviniently be checked or unchecked to be synced. Custom media files can be dragged and dropped into FrameLoader and selected accordingly. A click of the sync button starts the synchronisation process and an activity monitor displays the details of the sychronisation process.


FrameLoader is available today at the Mac App Store for US-$ 11.99 (Euro 9.99). The software requires an Intel Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher. A demoversion of FrameLoader is available at nova media’s website å

WellComm Releases App-Based Open System Enabling SmartPhone Connectivity to Digital Health and Wellness Resources

WellComm™ is an open system of components that transforms the SmartPhone into a personal health and wellness hub. The hub begins with the WellComm Application (“app”) placed on an individual’s iPhone, iPad, or other device. This app serves as the individual’s personal health and wellness dashboard. The WellComm dashboard contains, manages and connects personally identified health and wellness apps & resources for the individual.

The WellComm App, released at no cost, is a paradigm changing, gateway app. WellComm’s innovation is that it works with ALL existing resources. Its open architecture connects the patchwork of incompatible apps with other apps and with electronic and personal health records (HER and PHRs). The WellComm system does not force the replacement or change of existing systems or technology, but instead enables these disparate, siloed systems & resources to work together. WellComm can be used by Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Researchers and Individuals to advance and extend health and wellness.

To leverage and maximize the WellComm App, an individual can create a customized solution on, called a Prescriptive™. A Prescriptive, which is also available for free, can be configured as a survey, a customized publication or an integrated mHealth app, which can be instantly sent to any WellComm able device. Creation and customization are made simple for the user, with no programming or technical knowledge required.

“ and the WellComm App provide the hub of connectivity for all electronic health and wellness resources. The mission of our organization is to advance and improve the health and wellness of the individual, to cultivate innovation in medical research, and to provide the open mHealth infrastructure that will foster innovative health and wellness SmartPhone apps, devices and sensors. WellComm makes real the promise of mHealth”, states Brent Gutekunst, CEO, adding, “In the end, since no one else was doing it, we developed a solution to our own problem. Fortuitously, the solution is one that addresses many of the fundamental issues plaguing mHealth at this point in its early evolution. So we’ve decided to share it will the rest of the world to see, if together, we can change Health and Wellness as Usual. Developers, this is your invitation.”

Founded in 2010, WellComm capitalizes on the most dramatic social and technological revolution of our lifetime, the ubiquitous connectivity of the SmartPhone. WellComm transforms the SmarthPhone into the Key to access, utilize, manage and communicate with resources & technologies that improve health and wellness. WellComm is the trusted independent connectivity to and between existing disparate and disperse systems, resources, expertise, and the individual. WellComm moves personal health and wellness beyond the constraints of traditional systems.

Appitalism - The place for premium and free music, eBooks, apps and games

Launching today, is the first site to combine a social community with an online store to help consumers quickly and easily discover, discuss and download the best digital content for all devices. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs and eBook readers, the site debuts with a catalog of more than ten million premium apps, songs, books, games and videos.

Independent of any device or platform affiliations, offers an unbiased and personalized experience for members based on their interests and on feedback from the wider community. Through Appitalism’s chat feature, members can discuss, rate and review all of the content on the site, empowering them to collectively determine the best apps and content. Members can intuitively discover the latest and greatest digital content, either through Appitalism’s search engine, category directory or community recommendations.

“Appitalism was developed as an open marketplace, combining a large variety of content with the ability for consumers to discuss, review and rate that content,” said Simon Buckingham, CEO of Appitalism. “Our goal is to be the leading destination for consumers seeking to learn about and purchase the highest rated apps and content for any device.”

Appitalism is free to join and active members who write reviews and continually engage with the site are rewarded with titles and badges and earn “App Rewards” for their contributions to the community. App Rewards can be redeemed for any items in the Appitalism content catalog.

To join the community and discover a diverse array of digital content – from music to movies and from ring tones to apps — visit, fuel for your digital life.

Sonos Wireless Dock

Sonos, the leading developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the home, today announced that the Sonos Wireless Dock (WD100), an accessory to the award-winning Sonos Multi-Room Music System, is now available for purchase. The Sonos Wireless Dock is available for $119 at all Sonos authorized retailers and at

With the Sonos Wireless Dock, you can now play all of the music from an iPod or iPhone in every room of the house while simultaneously charging your device. Unlike most iPod docks on the market which use the iPod’s analog interface, the Sonos Wireless Dock sends your digital music files wirelessly to ZonePlayers throughout your home via the iPod’s digital interface—without ever converting to analog. The all digital path preserves the sound quality from the iPod to the speaker and when combined with Sonos’ outstanding wireless performance, ensures you get the highest fidelity sound.

You can wirelessly play what’s stored or playing on an iPod or iPhone, including most iOS music apps, on any or all Sonos ZonePlayers. Browse and select the music from either your docked device or any Sonos Controller, even another iPhone or iPod Touch. And, you can play the same song from a docked iPod or iPhone in every room – perfectly synchronized.

“The Sonos Wireless Dock is the perfect accessory for our music loving customers who own an iPod or iPhone so they can play that music in any or every room of the home,” said Phil Abram, President, Sonos, Inc. “This new accessory reinforces our mission to provide our customers with access to all of the music on the planet, including everything available on their iPod or iPhone.”

The Sonos Wireless Dock is compatible with the following devices: iPod touch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation), iPod classic, iPod nano (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone, and has been certified under the Made for iPod program to meet Apple performance standards. The Sonos Wireless Dock supports Apple’s 1Amp charging specification so your iPod or iPhone are ready to go when you are.

For more information about the Sonos Wireless Dock or to locate an authorized Sonos dealer in your area to demo the new accessory, please visit

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Deluxe Digital Cinema Inc., a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc., and EchoStar Satellite Services, L.L.C., a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), today announced the formation of Deluxe/EchoStar LLC, a joint venture to build an advanced digital cinema satellite distribution network targeting delivery to digitally equipped theaters in the U.S. and Canada.

This Deluxe/EchoStar Network brings the full power of the digital satellite technology directly to the local multiplex. With Deluxe as the leading worldwide provider of services in film and digital media to the entertainment industry and EchoStar’s veteran experience as a satellite services provider, Deluxe/EchoStar can deliver traditional 2D and 3D feature films, live events, special content, and other programming developed specifically for digitally equipped theaters at the highest quality and with the most coverage, reliably and efficiently.

“EchoStar Satellite Services has developed a strong partnership with Deluxe, one built on a common foundation of superior service and innovative thinking,” said Dean Olmstead, president of EchoStar Satellite Services. “Deluxe/EchoStar marks the next evolution in theatrical distribution and exhibition and gives distributors and movie theaters confidence in partnering with a proven digital cinema network.”

“We began testing sites around the country with EchoStar about a year ago to determine how best to develop the network,” said Cyril Drabinsky, President and CEO, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group. “The results confirmed that delivering feature films through our satellite network would provide optimum quality and reliability for our customers and present an open platform for easily accommodating a variety of digital delivery services,” added Drabinsky.


eStarling will be showing off it’s new Touchscreen Connected Frame at next weeks CES which features 802.11n wireless allowing it to grab photos from your Flikr, Facebook, Picasa, or even GMail account. If you know of an RSS feed to sip from, the eStarling will display those pictures as well. The touch-sensitive screen, complete with over-the-air firmware updates, claims to be the, “most user friendly frames on the market.” For more details, visit

Specifications – eStarling 802.11n Touchscreen Connected Frame

” Touchscreen: Full screen touch-sensitive screen for easy navigation
” LCD Display: 10.2 inch 16:9 (800X480) pixels Digital LCD with split-screen design for right sized image presentation and built-in high speed JPEG decoder/rendering engine
” Communications: WiFi 802.11b/g/n (WEP64, WEP128, WPA1, WPA2) connectivity and capable RJ45 Ethernet wired connectivity
” Interface: SD media card supported
” Memory Size: 2GB on-board FLASH Memory
” Power Source: External AC Adapter (Input: AC110~240V 50/60Hz, Output: 9V 1500mA)
” Weight: 2.4 Lbs

” Independent Internet Appliance Design: The frame requires no computer for setup.
” Social Network Integration and RSS Support: Social network frame design allows frame to automatically access photos through Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and more including a Twitter client to view your Twitter stream live.
” Immediate Direct Photo Emailing to Frame: Each frame has its own unique Gmail address so photos can be received from computers or mobile phones. A built-in email filter protects against unwanted photos. No setup is required for senders to send photos.

” Connected Video: All frames can receive videos up to 20MB in size that can be e-mailed directly to the frame.
” Automatic Firmware Updates: All active frames will receive automatic over-the-air firmware updates as new features and upgrades are added to the firmware.
” Dual Use Mode: If no Wi-Fi connection is available, the eStarling frame can operate as a stand-alone digital photo frame.
” Auto Power Saving: RTC-powered automatic shutdown feature for reliability and energy-saving


Readers of SvenOnTech will know just how much we love the Sonos Multi-room Music System (review). Anyone that steps into our office or home is always shown or Sonos set-up as part of the tour and most go away with promises of getting a Sonos for themselves. The only con we can ever find with Sonos is cost.

Well, Santa Barbra-based Sonos has just announced the ZonePlayer S5, an all-in-one unit that drives cost down to a price point anyone can get excited about. By including the brains behind Sonos into a box filled with speakers, all one needs to do is plug the power, pull out an iPhone or iPod touch, and connect to a ZoneBridge and you’re jamming to some tunes (view demo). Like the other ZonePlayers, the S5 gives you a full-featured experience with access to your entire iTunes DRM-free library, Internet Radio, as well as services such as Napster and Pandora. You control all this from the free app available at the iTunes AppStore from the palm of your hand.

Now are you ready for the price? $399. Ya, just $400! Remember, you are getting, essentially, a Sonos ZonePlayer and killer sounding speakers. This is less than those Bose systems that does less and in our opinion has lost sight of its audiophile roots. Speaking of roots, the guys that started Sonos came from a loudspeaker background so you KNOW these things kick and trust us, they haven’t forgot their roots!

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 will be available at the end of the month and we know it’ll be all treat and no trick.


NAD Electronics, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance audio/video components, introduces the PP-3 Digital Phono Preamplifier, a sophisticated USB-friendly accessory that integrates turntables into today’s stereo systems and allows LPs and other audio sources to be copied directly to a PC, a Mac, or an iPod or other MP3 player.

Compact and cost-effective, the PP-3 Phono Preamp offers superb audiophile performance in a clean, simple package only 5.3 inches long by 1.38 inches high by 2.75 inches deep. It combines the design of its predecessor, NAD’s award-winning PP-2 MM/MC Phono Preamp, with a high-quality analog-to-digital converter, a USB interface, and CD-R VinylStudio(TM) Lite software. The program, supplied on a disc, lets users copy LPs directly to a PC in Wav or Mp3 file formats. Once in a PC, the digitized music can be burned onto discs, transferred to portable music players or otherwise manipulated.

Today’s digital components often overlook the needs of analog music fans, as expressed in LP records, an immense source of superb audio performances. Many A/V receivers, amplifiers, and preamp/processors simply omit phonograph inputs and phono-preamp circuitry. In many others, the phono section is an afterthought designed for the most basic functionality. In NAD’s view, this state of affairs creates a clear opportunity. The PP-3 has been designed to serve as serve as a high-quality upgrade or addition to existing line-level system.

An additional Line Input allows other analog sources — such as FM radio, audiotape, even a CD player’s analog output — to be converted to the digital USB format. It also adds back the input on an amplifier or receiver used by the PP-3.

The PP-3 Digital Phono Preamplifier is available now from authorized NAD dealers at a suggested price of $199.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I’m a sucker for anything with tubes in it as the sound is just amazingly better than systems without. Now Koetsu, world-renowned maker of cartridges, teams up with Italy’s Goldenote for some hand crafted goodness. The unit includes a drawer-type transport “designed for excellent rotation stability, a dual-tube output stage, an internal digital-to-analog converter, and Goldenote’s latest digital technologies, including its acclaimed Zero-Clock™ filter and Electro-Power™ power supply system.” Add this all up and you get vivid and natural sound that brings music alive. The Zero-Clock technology eliminates jitter and clock errors while the Electro Power is the first self-adjusting voltage supply to fancy itself in a consumer product. With 50 checks a minute, power is kept smooth enhancing the sound in doing so.

The Koala Tube has a Burr Brown internal D/A converter with 20-bit resolution. On the back you’ll find XLR outputs, balanced analog outputs ” made with two Electro Harmonix 6922 mini-vacuum tubes for state-of-the-art performance.” A digital S/PDIF and IEC power socket are also found on the back.

The Koala Tube CD player is available now for $2,296 from authorized dealers and does not play Super Audio CDs. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surviving meetings just got easier. Today Canson, a supplier and manufacturer of the world’s finest art paper, is launching a brand new presentation and brainstorming product, Papershow, available for purchase on and directly on for $199.99.

Papershow is an interactive paper and Bluetooth™ pen system used for digital communication and presentation applications designed to make meetings more fun and engaging for all participants. The plug and play nature of Papershow’s technology can revolutionize brainstorms and presentations, replacing antiquated flip charts and costly electronic whiteboards with fun, vibrant and interactive meetings anywhere, at any time. Papershow is compatible with PCs installed with Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows® Vista.

“Papershow is easy to set up and use,” said Diane Darling, CEO of Effective Networking Inc., speaker and author of “The Networking Survival Guide.” “Papershow is a hybrid presentation tool, combining the organization of Power Point presentations and the interactivity of writing—and the best thing is that you can use it right then and there!”

Papershow is extremely flexible and can attain perfect shapes and lines with varying degrees of thickness and colors. Users can export Papershow drawings into Power Point™ documents, quickly make comments or changes to a presentation image, and all creations can be easily modified or erased. All modifications made to a presentation, and all notes recorded during a brainstorming session can then be saved and e-mailed to meeting participants.