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Digital Foci, Inc. ( announced today that it will start shipping the “Image Moments 6” high-resolution digital frame with a 5.7-inch VGA (640 x 480) digital LCD screen. Nicknamed “The Executive,” Image Moments 6 with 140 PPI (pixels per inch) is the highest pixel density digital photo frame on the market, displaying photos with superior image clarity and detail. The digital frame features LED backlight, which provides a deeper color pallet reproduction over previous technologies, and uses environmentally-friendly materials with a lower power consumption design.

Awarded Consumers Digest’s “Best Buys in Digital Photo Frames” in the “Premium Selection” category, Image Moments 6 is one of the most upscale and feature-rich digital photo frames available, built for those that demand only the highest quality. Perfect for corporate executives, Image Moments 6 features a stunning two-tone chrome finish; beautiful screen; compact footprint; and advanced operating system features for the highest quality digital frame on the market.

Image Moments 6 (model IMT-063), along with its larger sibling, Image Moments 8 (model IMT-083) with its larger 8-inch 800×600 resolution screen, are based on a unique operating system with advanced functions not found on other digital photo frames.

Highlighted Features of Image Moments 6 include:

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camera Selector Mology

With the abundance of digital cameras available today, it’s hard for even some professionals to know what to get anymore. Thankfully, Mology is here to help. This Flash driven website gives you a list of options that you move sliders between “less important” to “more important”. Based on your choices, Mology gives a list of cameras with a percentage match to your requirements. Giving you Brand, Price, Thickness, Colours, Megapixels, Optical Zoom as base features to slide around with, Mology doesn’t limit you to just these features. With a plethora of other features to choose from ranging from Body, Image, Functions, Storage, and Performance categories, you can get quite indepth with your search. For me, RAW, ISO, Continuous Shots fps, and Sensor Type are very important features. Mology has them as options for me to select weighing my requirements against its vast product library.

After playing around with this for a while, I was impressed with the output. I inputted all my features, slid my importance, and to my delight, it recommended I should get a Nikon D300. Thankfully, I bought it in March. :)

Give Mology a shot when looking for your next camera. I think you’ll be surprised how much better, and less annoying, it is than the kid a Best Buy. :)


We’ve all had this problem. You’re out at Sea World and you’re taking a gazillion pictures of Shamu and you’re 4 GB Compact Flash card has only a handful pictures left when your wife says sweetly, “Hey honey, why don’t you take some pictures of the kids in the stands?” Mmm, delete Shamu or tell the wife you can’t? Ya, tough situation that once happened to me where I got in a heap of trouble for not deleting the hundreds of HO scale trains I took for a few pictures of our kids on the merry-go-round.

There have been a few solutions for this problem, namely dragging your laptop around with you and off load your pictures that way. But who wants to do that? Man, the diaper bag alone is big enough for me to want to ditch it immediately! Other portable hard drive readers, some with screen and some without, have slowly made there way into the alternative space. Of course, you can just buy more flash cards, too.

Digital Foci goes with the hard drive solution. Its new Photo Safe II accepts Compact Flash (including Extreme III, IV, UDMA), MMC, SD/HC Card, miniSD, Memory Stick, MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, and xD-Picture card. Ya, pretty much everything. All the pictures are stored on either an 80GB or 160GB internal hard drive. Once you get home or to the hotel, then you can connect the Photo Safe II to your computer and off comes all those saved pictures of both Shamu and the kids!

Photo Safe II is easy to use and only requires pressing one button labeled “Auto Copy”. At speeds of 5.0/MBsec, a full 1GB card will be copied in about 3.5 minutes. All file formats, including RAW, are supported. A backlit LED screen gives information as to space left, copy progress, and battery life.

Photo Safe II works on both Macs and PCs and retails for $139 for the 80GB version and $189 for the larger 160GB drive.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

XIAS (pronounced: kí-as) adds convenience and style to the way consumers display their digital photos with the latest additions to its line of elegant digital photo frames at 2008 CES. They are the XIAS™ 8” and 10” Executive Digital Photo Frames with WiFi capabilities. All XIAS™ digital photo frames are designed by an award winning international product design firm.

“The new XIAS™ PF-821WF and PF-1021WF digital photo frames with WiFi are a great way for people to share their digital photos,” remarked Rick Stans, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Norcent Technology, Inc., an authorized licensee of XIAS™ products. “With 800 x 600 resolution, images and video are bright and crystal clear. Plus, this impressive, sleek, floating swivel design looks elegant in any setting from the living room to an executive’s office.”

The new models can display anywhere from one to 12 images at one time. Images are shown on an active matrix thin film transistor (TFT) LCD display that ensures high-quality, pictures. With an 800×600 screen resolution and 250 cd/m2 brightness, images are as clear and clean as they appeared in the viewfinder.

Each model supports seven digital media formats, providing outstanding compatibility with most digital cameras now available. Both models include two built-in memory card slots. Each also features four playback modes: full-screen browse, slideshow, thumbnail browse, and zoom (in and out). Viewing time in both browse and slideshow modes can be adjusted.

The units have a wood-grain outer frame supporting a bronze-metallic screen. The exclusive XIAS™ frames look natural in any home décor or office setting. Horizontal and vertical backing supports are included. A convenient on-screen display adds to their ease of use.

Pricing and Availability
The XIAS™ PF-821WF and PF-1021WF digital photo frames will be available in Q2 2008 with pricing to be determined.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The consumer electronics industry’s age-old dream of the celestial music jukebox in the sky for the digital home has finally been realized. Music lovers can now play what they want, when they want, anywhere they want, in the home. Think of a song, find that song, play that song, in any room…and all from the palm of your hand.

Sonos is committed to providing music lovers with the easiest way to access all the music they love and play it all over the house. Starting today with Sonos, you can now search and find all the music you could want from Rhapsody, Napster, Best Buy Digital Music Store or your personal music collection all from the comfort of your couch.

Sonos has added Napster and BB Digital Music Store to its industry-leading lineup of content services that Sonos connects directly to – no computer required. As the trend of network-enabled devices speaking directly to content services in the cloud continues to develop, Sonos now has five services to offer music fans – SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster and the Best Buy Digital Music Service.

How does computer-free access to millions of songs work with Sonos? Check out this flash demonstration (click on ‘Get Music’).

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DXG USA announced today their new DXG-711 next-generation, slim and sexy 7 Megapixel digital camera, with all the features consumers crave at an affordable price. The DXG-711 starts with a sleek silver body and adds a 7 Megapixel CCD sensor, large 2.5” high resolution LTPS LCD, 3X optical zoom, and an instant out-of-the-box experience, so consumers can quickly start taking photos without spending hours studying the manual.

At less than an inch think, the DXG-711 camera will capture everyone’s attention and can still be conveniently tucked in your pocket – perfect for road trips, vacations and everyday occasions. The DXG-711 is equipped with a digital voice recording function so users can record to-do lists and capture thoughts on-the-fly with audio files saved directly into MP3 format. The camera comes with a built-in flash, 32MB onboard memory and supports Direct Printing for easy printing without the need of a computer.

The DXG-711 is perfect for users who want to migrate to more features, better technology and a device that is multi-functional, convenient and affordable, like parents who are looking for a replacement unit for their “old” 35mm cameras, and college students.

The DXG-711 is a true 7 Megapixel Digital Camera that can also capture vivid stills to up to 10MP, in addition to recording high-quality 640 x 480 video at 30 frames per second. When connected to your PC via the USB cable, the DXG-711 also functions as an additional hard drive and can store documents and other files with the built-in SD card slot.

The DXG-711 offers 15 different scene modes that users can choose from. These scene modes allow users to capture an image in various environments and light situations without having to worry about the clarity and quality of the pictures. Modes include Sports, Fireworks, Best Shot, Blur Reduction, Face Chaser, Monochrome, Sepia, Vivid and Night View.

DXG-711 Features:

  • 7 Megapixel digital camera
  • Records video at 640 x 480, 30 fps with sound
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Portable Storage Device
  • 3X Optical, 4X Digital Zoom
  • 2.5” LTPS screen
  • Built-in flash with a variety of modes
  • Pre-Set Scene and Macro Modes for optimal automatic exposure settings
  • ISO 400 Sensor Sensitivity

The DXG-711 is available immediately with a suggested retail price of $149.99 through major retailers and at

Western Digital Corp. today announced it is now shipping its 250 GB WD Scorpio™ 2.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives. The drives employ perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology to achieve the highest capacity available in a small form factor drive and have WD proprietary features that make the drive quiet, use less power and run at cool operating temperatures.

“The 2.5-inch market continues to be a major focus for WD, and this 250 GB WD Scorpio drive represents our second-generation PMR platform,” said Jim Morris, WD’s vice president and general manager of notebook storage. “The WD Scorpio 250 GB hard drive is a direct result of the significant investments WD has made in proprietary head technologies as well as significant system level feature innovation. With the introduction of our latest-generation WD Scorpio drives, WD continues to offer mobile computing and portable storage customers the same outstanding quality, reliability and performance that have earned the company a leadership position in the desktop PC market.”

According to market research firm, IDC, adoption of PMR technology in mobile 2.5-inch hard drives will sustain an increase in the average capacity shipped close to the average growth rate of 32 percent for the past five years. The firm states that by 2011, shipments of mobile 2.5-inch hard drives will more than double 2006 shipment volumes.*

Demand for 2.5-inch hard drives continues to increase at a rapid pace, driven by notebook computers, portable storage devices and consumer electronics products. Users of these applications need high capacity drives to manage storage-hungry content. WD Scorpio drives deliver the performance and features to meet demands that are specific to notebook PCs and portable storage devices, such as WD Passport® portable drives: quiet operation, high shock tolerance and low power consumption.

The new WD Scorpio drive further expands the company’s breadth of 2.5-inch mobile hard drive offerings to capacity points ranging from 40 GB up to 250 GB.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of innovative LCD displays, professional grade plasmas and projectors, and integrated display solutions, today introduced a new interactive whiteboard designed to increase student attention and retention. Created specifically for educational environments, the ImagineX IW77 Interactive Whiteboard can be used seamlessly with all NEC projectors for an integrated teaching/learning solution. The new whiteboard, which is available through NEC’s nationwide network of distributors and dealers, can be purchased via NEC Star Student, an educational rewards program that helps make classroom technology more accessible and affordable.

“Children are becoming more and more tech-savvy. This works to an educator’s advantage since studies repeatedly show that technology in the classroom can have a tremendously positive impact on a student’s ability to learn,” explained Keith Yanke, Senior Product Line Manager, Projectors at NEC Display Solutions. “The ImagineX IW77 whiteboard enables teachers to create more interaction between the student and the lesson, as well as collaboration among students. It also gives teachers alternative ways to teach and can even be used to advance the faculty’s technology education.”

Yanke added that when new technology is introduced to educators, so begins their challenge of finding a way to obtain the products and the budget to afford them in the classroom. “We provide educators with a one-stop-shop for NEC whiteboards and projectors – as well as other technology products – at great prices through the NEC Star Student program,” said Yanke. “This program also gives educators great incentives, such as points that can be applied towards the cost of products and accessories, free 3rd and 4th year warranties, and access to trade-in, and lamp protection programs.”

NEC’s ImagineX IW77 has the ability to annotate over any application to teach everything from handwriting to music directly from the board. It even saves files for students to take home. Its Web collaboration feature gives teachers the ability to broadcast and share materials – the host simply broadcasts the materials over a network, and participants log-in to see notes and annotations in real-time. The new whiteboard’s mouse functionality makes it easy for users to control the desktop directly from the board with just a stylus pen, while the integrated PowerPoint presentation control allows almost instantaneous use of PowerPoint files in slide show mode. And its durable surface, made from porcelain enamel skin, can easily withstand the wear and tear of repeated use.

The new NEC whiteboard comes complete with three different interactive tools so educators can control the computer and course content. The SCRAPBOOK Application turns the image on the whiteboard’s surface into a digital workspace to record notes, import screen shots and other files as background images, save scrapbook files, and use layers to hide and show elements of a page. The Desktop Palette provides quick selection of major functions, including annotation and a pop-up keyboard, and the PowerPoint Palette allows annotation of, and navigation from, slide presentations.

Digital Foci, Inc. announced today their Mother’s Day Promotion for their award-winning Image Moments 8” digital photo frame. The perfect Mother’s Day Gift, customers will receive a FREE Gold or Silver interchangeable frame (a $20 value) for a limited time when they purchase an Image Moments digital photo frame.

Priced at $199, the Image Moments digital photo frame comes with a Standard Black Frame that matches perfectly with living room or office décor. To celebrate Mother’s Day, from now until May 13th, Digital Foci is offering a free Gold or Silver interchangeable frame with any Image Moments digital photo frame purchase. In addition to the free frame, customers can also receive another Gold or Silver frame for just $10 more. In addition, there are 10 other different frame styles to choose from Digital Foci’s frame selection, sold separately at $19.95 each.

This Mother’s Day, give your mom a Digital Foci Image Moments digital photo frame and let her display, share, and re-live her precious memories at home or at the office on a selection of beautiful interchangeable picture frames. Just insert any digital camera card into Image Moments and memories will instantly come to life in sharp, vibrant color on its big 8-inch high-resolution digital LCD screen.

The handy “Slideshow Mode” lets your mom automatically scroll through her photo collections. MP3 music soundtracks and MPEG video can be also added for more creative options to personalize her experience. Slideshow intervals and transitions can be changed with a touch of the included remote control. The frame also includes an automatic on/off timer, which can be set to activate or turn off Image Moments according to her schedule.

With its built-in memory card slots, Image Moments can display photos directly from digital camera memory cards without a computer or subscription. Image Moments reads from virtually all cards, including CompactFlash I/II, MD, MMC, SD Card, Memory Stick, MS PRO, miniSD, MS Duo, and xD-Picture Card (Standard & H-Type).

For more details, go to: and

Digital Foci Introduces Photo Safe

Author: Sven Rafferty
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Digital Foci, Inc. announced today that that it will introduce Photo Safe portable digital photo storage with 40GB, 80GB, 120GB hard drives and built-in memory card readers at this week’s Photo Marketing Association Conference (PMA) in Las Vegas. Photo Safe is a portable hard drive that lets you quickly and securely save digital photos wherever you go, so you can keep snapping away and never worry about losing important photos or running out of memory card space while on the road.

Photo Safe is the essential traveler’s digital camera companion featuring 40GB, 80GB and 120GB hard drive configurations for copying photos from memory card to the hard drive for safe-keeping. Photo Safe provides the fastest copy speed on the market as compared to similarly priced products. Its text/icon backlit LED screen shows key system information, including operational status, battery life, remaining hard drive capacity, and active partition (Photo Safe supports multiple hard drive partitions). Copy status indicator displays percentage completed during copy, copy confirmation, and number of files copied upon completion.

A unique folder name that indicates media card type and copy sequence is automatically created for each copy task to help you keep organized. When you get home, simply connect Photo Safe to your computer to retrieve your saved pictures. With its user-replaceable Li-Ion battery that’s rechargeable via computer USB port or external AC power, Photo Safe provides the ultimate convenience both at home and on the go.

Priced attractively for leisure photographers starting at $139, Photo Safe is a lower-cost alternative to the popular Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite. Both Photo Safe and Picture Porter Elite save photos on their portable hard drives so you don’t have to bring heavy laptops on the road. The key difference is that Photo Safe uses a simplified operating system and lower priced backlit LCD for text-only display, whereas Picture Porter Elite features a 3.6” color LCD screen and advanced operating system for viewing photos and playing music and movies. Read the rest of this entry »