Thursday, September 22, 2011

Movie makers, get your camera out because Lensbaby has just put together a box set of sorts for your footage creation. This well padded box with cut-outs for each lens places the brand-new Composer Pro PL and the Sweet 35 Optic into box along with nine other lens. Plates, mounts, shades, and manuals all find their way into this well protected case from the Oregon based Lensbaby.

“The more creative tools filmmakers have at their disposal, the more creative their footage,” Says Craig Strong, Lensbaby Co-Founder and President. “The new Composer Pro PL comes loaded with the freedom and versatility of the Lensbaby Optic Swap system and puts a huge range of creative options at the fingertips of filmmakers. We can’t wait to see the unique and powerful footage created by motion picture artists around the world.”

If you’re looking to add some flare to your moving pictures from your picture taking camera, then give the Lensbaby Movie Maker Kit a peek. More deets at the jump below.

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Portland, OR –September 22, 2011 – Lensbaby announces today the newest addition to the Lensbaby Creative Effects camera products line-up, the Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit featuring the brand-new Composer Pro PL with Sweet 35 Optic, for use on PL mount cameras.

“The more creative tools filmmakers have at their disposal, the more creative their footage,” Says Craig Strong, Lensbaby Co-Founder and President. “The new Composer Pro PL comes loaded with the freedom and versatility of the Lensbaby Optic Swap system and puts a huge range of creative options at the fingertips of filmmakers. We can’t wait to see the unique and powerful footage created by motion picture artists around the world.”

The Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit is a complete creative solution for filmmakers looking to add unique effects to their footage, in camera. Conveniently packaged into a rugged Pelican case, the kit contains two Lensbaby lenses for use on PL mount cameras (Muse PL with Double Glass and Composer Pro PL with Sweet 35), as well as one Composer Pro with a Canon mount for use on Canon’s line of DSLRs that shoot video.

This kit also includes a wide range of interchangeable optics and accessories designed to provide the filmmaker limitless aesthetic and creative options at a variety of focal lengths. Now, with the addition of the Composer Pro with Sweet 35 to the Lensbaby PL line-up, filmmakers will have access to the improved metal swivel ball design and refined focus mechanism of the Composer Pro, delivering ultra-smooth focus and tilt control.

Filmmakers can achieve a wide range of effects in-camera with the Movie Maker’s Kit. The Sweet 35, Double Glass, Plastic, and Single Glass optics can be used to create different quality selective focus effects, where one area of the image at a given depth of field is in focus, and other areas at the same depth of field fall away into a beautiful blur. The Fisheye, Soft Focus, and Pinhole/Zone plate Optics allow further in-camera creativity. Visit the Movie Lens page for more information on the complete kit, and to watch sample footage and see a list of award-winning movies and TV shows containing scenes shot with Lensbaby lenses.

Lensbaby PL Kit Contents:
Composer Pro with Double Glass Optic for Canon DLSRs
Composer Pro PL with Sweet 35 Optic
Muse PL with Single Glass Optic
2 Aperture Kits for use with Double Glass, Single Glass, and Plastic Optics
Fisheye Optic
Aperture Kit for Fisheye Optic
Soft Focus Optic
Aperture Kit for Soft Focus Optic
Plastic Optic
Pinhole/Zone Plate
0.42x Super Wide Conversion Lens
Wide Angle/Telephoto Kit
Macro Kit
Creative Aperture Kit 2

The Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit is available now for $2900 (MSRP) from For more information on the Lensbaby Movie Maker’s Kit or any other Lensbaby products, contact PR representative Jessica Darrican at 305-576-1171 x.16 or

About Lensbaby

Lensbaby is a Portland, Oregon based manufacturer of award-winning Creative Effects SLR camera lenses. Lensbaby was launched in February 2004 by Craig Strong, a professional photographer and the inventor of the patented Lensbaby Creative Effects SLR lens system. Lensbaby sells to photographers all over the world through its website,, by calling 877-536-7222 / 971-223-5662, at tradeshows, in leading photo retailers and through a growing global network of international distributors.

Doodle on your Next Portable Speaker

Author: Sven Rafferty
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Want to show off something while listening to something and have something that no one else has unless you gift them something? Well, if you’re looking for some custom portable speakers for your iPod, iPhone, or other non-i audio device that has a headphone jack, then you may want to doodle a little. Simply stated, Doodle allows you take any image and plaster it on a portable speaker.

Check out OrigAudio after the video for more info.

PhotoBox, Icon

We’ve told you about Boinx Software’s PhotoBox before and it has been updated for your pleasure just in time for Christmas. PhotoBox allows photographers to hook up their iPad to a projector or monitor for instant big screen visuals. On the screen or the iPad, photographers will be able to instantly pan and zoom images as well as analyze each shot for exposure, focus, color, and overall look and composition. No more leaving a photo shoot thinking you have the perfect shot only to find a blurry subject with poor saturation.

What’s new in PhotoBox 1.1?

• PhotoBox 1.1 only works on iPad with iOS 4.2 or higher installed!
• Greatly improved workflow: PhotoBox can now directly access your photo library. Just select an album from the library and all photos are loaded and processed immediately.
• The price has also changed to $4.99.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Tuesday, October 12, 2010


PicBounce is a simple yet powerful and viral app! Two weeks ago (9/27/2010) Clixtr, Inc. released PicBounce, a new iOS application, which they showcased at their TechCrunch Disrupt conference booth. PicBounce, the social camera, is a new and improved camera for the iPhone that is the simplest and fastest way to upload a photo from your iPhone to Facebook and Twitter. All you do is take a photo or choose an existing photo. Write a caption. Bounce it to Facebook and Twitter. You’re done. It’s that easy!

In the first two weeks there have been over 200,000 downloads of the PicBounce App for iPhones and iPod Touches with cameras. The service has had to scale fast in order to be able to handle the 10’s of thousands of photos being uploaded.  PicBounce even past Facebook last week in the iTunes App Store:

Clixtr, Inc. launched the Clixtr iPhone App, their first application, as a TechCrunch50 finalist last year, 2009. The Clixtr iPhone App allows users to collaboratively share photos in real-time with everyone else at an event and people around the world are able to tune in at The Clixtr product won the Silicon Valley Business Journal Emerging Technology Award for Social Networking 2009 and the Consumer Electronics Show Mobile App Showdown 2010 in Las Vegas.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

If you’re looking for a case for your iPad or those cool, thin, protective films for it…or for the iPhone, then take a look at our reviews section. We just posted three reviews on a case and film protection for the iPad as well as a protective coating for the iPhone 3GS. Also, if you’re looking for a new and beautiful way to discover day-to-day news, you will want to read our review on Blancspot. Incredible stuff to be read!

CoreMelt Expands Video Effects Product Line with Release of Lock & Load Express

CoreMelt, the leading provider of advanced video plug-in effects for the editorial, composting, design and visual effects communities, today announced the release of Lock & Load Express, a powerful addition to its line of intuitive video effects software tools.

Lock & Load Express is based on CoreMelt’s popular image stabilization and rolling shutter reduction software application — Lock & Load X — considered one of the fastest video stabilizers available on the Mac platform, offering advanced tracking features and CMOS rolling shutter reduction for compositors and editors working in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Motion. Lock & Load Express harnesses much of the key functionality found in Lock & Load X, including rolling shutter reduction, but in a simplified version that caters primarily to videographers and prosumers using DSLR cameras and working on Apple’s entry level Final Cut Express editing software.

Bolton notes that while Lock & Load X has gained considerable praise as a tool to improve video quality for users on higher end editing software applications, there are videographers utilizing DSLR and CMOS sensor based cameras running on Final Cut Express, which does not have a built-in image stabilizer (Lock & Load Express is currently the only stabilizer designed for Final Cut Express), who do not need access to every control in processing their footage, but need a reliable tool to stabilize footage featuring rolling shutter artifacts at a lower price point.

“CoreMelt is excited to introduce Lock & Load Express, a trimmed down version of our blazingly fast Lock & Load X tracking stabilizer software developed specifically to tackle real world production problems that videographers encounter when shooting on DSLR cameras inside Final Cut Pro Express; itself a powerful application,” says Bolton. “With today’s addition to our software plug-in lineup, editors and compositors at every professional level will have increased freedom to work on their editing platform of choice to tackle stabilization and rolling shutter issues for virtually any workflow and unleash their personal creativity.”

Bolton adds, “Lock & Load Express addresses the everyday challenges facing videographers — especially event videographers that shoot on DSLR cameras — to give hand held footage a professionally shot Steady Cam quality instantly without the need to set tracking points. Using the rolling shutter reduction functionality in our Lock & Load Express software helps lessen image distortions and lets digital content creators get on with business of creating and meeting tight deadlines.”

Key Highlights of Lock & Load Express

Lock & Load Express enables customers to achieve the highest-quality image stabilization and rolling shutter reduction features working on Final Cut Express including:
• Speed — Lock & Load Express tracks up to 12 times faster than Final Cut Pro’s built in stabilizer.
• Background Tracking — Allows users to work on the rest of a project while tracking for improved productivity and greater precision.
• Streamlined workflow — Features like in/out point analysis, and rotation and zoom smoothing help simplify workflow and keep projects on deadline.
• Intuitive — Lock & Load Express is based on the powerful Lock & Load X software architecture known for its ease-of-use and simplified interface for better quality results. Running inside Final Cut Express the software offers editors and compositors a proven solution for limiting rolling shutter artifacts and image distortion even on shots with complex rotation or poorly defined background.

What Customers Are Saying
“Even though I do not use Final Cut Express, after looking at and frequently using all the features and speed of Lock & Load X for Final Cut Pro, Lock & Load Express should prove to be a welcome stabilizer and rolling shutter reduction product for all Final Cut Express users out there, often left out when it comes to the availability of professional, high quality plug-ins,” Steve Douglas, renowned underwater videographer and technology critic says.

System Requirements
Recommended system requirements for Lock & Load Express include an Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.5.4, or later with Intel processor; Final Cut Express 4.0, or later.

Pricing and Availability:
Lock & Load Express is available now for $79.00 USD from CoreMelt and its authorized dealers. For additional pricing information, please visit,

Monday, June 15, 2009


Picaboo (, the popular photo book provider, announced today that precious school-year photos tossed into shoeboxes or abandoned on hard-drives can be graduated smartly to a photo book for gift-giving or posterity.

Wrapping up the school-year in photos can be done beautifully in a photo book for as little as $9.99. Budget-minded consumers will also appreciate that through June 30, 2009, Picaboo is offering a Buy One Photo Book Get One Free special*. In addition to being easy on the pocketbook, making photo books with Picaboo is fast. Busy parents may opt to utilize the auto-create feature that allows rapid photo book creation, often in a matter of minutes.

Photo Books Made Simple
To help pique creativity and set direction for topical photo books, Picaboo offers advice and sample albums within its Idea Center ( Relevant topics like Graduation and School Years can be found here. Customers can tap hundreds of page layouts, thousands of page backgrounds, numerous fonts and text colors – for a highly customized photo book.

Photo book pricing starts at just $9.99 and shipping is additional. Once made, Picaboo photo books can also be easily shared online free of charge. In order to secure the most affordable photo book shipping, U.S. customers should allow 3-5 business days for ground shipping, while also allowing 3-5 business days for photo book production.

*Use coupon code JUNEGF at checkout. Buy any qualifying photo book(s) and get one of the exact same photo book(s) for free when the coupon is applied (for example, order one Large Classic book, get a second copy of the same Large Classic book for free). The cost of the free book(s), including extra pages, will be deducted from your order total. All Classic, Classic Leather, Classic Custom, and Regency photo books are eligible for this offer. The discount does not apply to taxes or shipping fees. Coupon does not apply to additional shipping costs for the free book(s). Coupon expires June 30, 2009 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). Valid for US and Canadian customers only. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer. Picaboo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer without notice.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

RocketLife Touch.jpg

RocketLife announced today that it will be introducing “RocketLife Touch™” at the Photo Marketing Association Show (PMA), held March 3-5, 2009 in Las Vegas. RocketLife Touch is an exciting new photo creation and merchandising product for the next-generation touch screen experience for kiosks at retail sites, photo lounge kiosks, and touch screen computers.

Utilizing RocketLife patent-pending technologies, such as ultra-fast import of hundreds of photos, multi-layered photo themes with new enhancements, Smart Arrangement Technology, and 3D Digital Merchandising, RocketLife Touch expands touch capabilities to a variety of new venues and environments for rich photo product creation, from stunning collage prints and posters to professional designed lay-flat photo books.

RocketLife Touch can be branded to the reseller partner and supports both localized and centralized fulfillment. RocketLife Touch is being launched and demonstrated at PMA 2009 running on HP’s Touchsmart™ PC, and supports many other kiosks and touch screen environments.

RocketLife Touch is unique in its ability to offer customers flexibility of product, design, and ordering. Current kiosks severely limit a customer’s creative choices, because their technology allows only rudimentary, flat, fixed template designs and little, if any, creative control. In far less time than it takes to create and order products with other solutions, RocketLife Touch allows customers to easily and instantly play with very sophisticated and beautiful photo and theme capabilities, including full and free positioning of all elements, image processing, multi-layer compositing, placeable graphics, advanced text and more.

Using a consumer’s natural desire to touch and move things, RocketLife Touch provides fast, intuitive touch capabilities which give the user more power to explore his or her creativity to make a professional photo book, designer mug, poster or any other personal photo product featuring dramatic enhancements, such as full placement and layering of photos, graphic objects and text, and even image processing and special effects. RocketLife Touch allows this for the first time in a kiosk, photo lounge, or home environment.

While other solutions provide rudimentary products in order to move customers in and out quickly, RocketLife Touch encourages customers to be more creative; yet RocketLife is able to do so in far less time. Testing in major retail environments show that customers create and purchase more products at higher dollars per minute with RocketLife Touch than with competitors. Customers preferred RocketLife Touch’s creative solution, because it lets them quickly create what they actually want instead of having to compromise their vision of the end-product.

RocketLife Touch uses advanced software techniques (such as high-speed assembly language) to create the quickest, most responsive system, so that a customer’s experience is fast and fluid. This, combined with advanced themes, graphics, and compositing capabilities, gives RocketLife Touch its unique power and creativity.

RocketLife’s award winning Smart Arrangement Technology populates every product in just seconds, providing the consumer with a fun and exciting shopping experience. Consumers see their creations come alive with RocketLife’s powerful 3D Digital Merchandising fluidly showing the changes they make on each product in real-time.

RocketLife Touch’s interface is consistent throughout the RocketLife Touch product line. For example, if a customer uses a RocketLife Touch kiosk and then goes home and visits a RocketLife online store using their touch screen computer, the online version would act and respond to their touch just like the store kiosk did, making the interface’s learning curve an easy, one-time step.

RocketLife Touch creates customized products exactly the way consumers want them, removing the belief that it is an impossible task to achieve with a touch screen or in a busy retail environment.
RocketLife Touch is easy to learn because it utilizes our natural desire to touch and move things.
RocketLife Touch becomes a personal experience through the interaction with the screen and instant results through the 3D Digital Merchandising of the products they create.
One easy learning curve – kiosk and home interfaces are the same, making it easy to use.

RocketLife Touch is available immediately for photo kiosks and computer touch screens. For more information, see

Also read SvenOnTech’s review of RocketLife (Online Photo Processor).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless provider, and Photobucket, the Web’s premier standalone photo and video-sharing site, today announced the availability of a new mobile photo service on select Verizon Wireless handsets that enables Verizon Wireless customers to easily send photos from a mobile device to a Photobucket album. The application will launch exclusively for Verizon Wireless customers and is available for download from Verizon Wireless mobile storefront by texting ‘photob’ to 2777, in the Community and Sharing category of the Verizon Wireless Get It Now catalog or by visiting

Jennifer Byrne, director of digital media at Verizon,said, “Mobile phones are adding a new dimension to sharing images between friends, colleagues or family members. Photobucket is bringing Verizon Wireless customers a new and easy way to share their photos and videos in real-time, without needing to move to a PC to upload and send them.”

“Photobucket is thrilled to team up with Verizon Wireless to provide a quick and easy photo sharing solution for people on the go,” said Alex Welch, President of Photobucket. “Photobucket has always been committed to making photo sharing fun and easy. The Photobucket Mobile Uploader for Verizon Wireless unlocks the full potential of camera phone photos, allowing users to easily save and share images online more easily than they would using traditional digital cameras.”

To utilize the application, Verizon Wireless subscribers sign up for a Photobucket account – which can be created for free at – and enter their log-in information to link their Verizon Wireless account to their Photobucket online photo album. Once the accounts are connected, the application instantly uploads photos already saved on the phone to the user’s Photobucket account. The Photobucket Mobile Uploader then automatically sends any future photos directly to the same Photobucket account.

Verizon is the first carrier in the United States to be offering the Photobucket Mobile Uploader and the application will be available initially on 13 handsets. The service is available now from Verizon Wireless, which enables the user to send unlimited mobile photos to their Photobucket account for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.