Make Your iMac Do the Tango

Author: Sven Rafferty
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The iMac is a pretty ingenious computer and I’m always pleasantly surprised how good the speakers sound for such a small footprint for them to live in. But truth is, if you want to be rockin’ the iTunes or pumping the Steam, then you need real speakers. XtremeMac agrees and yet, keeps it small and complimentary to the iMac with its new Tango Bar. The bar sits right under your iMac or Apple Cinema Screen and plugs into an available USB port. Snug tight in this bar are six speakers configured with dual dome tweeters and midrange/bass drivers. Oh yea, the passive radiator takes care of those 808 lows, too. And if you caught that USB mention, then you’ll understand that this baby will also work on any laptop or PC as well. Drop in the fact it also comes with a line-in jack and this baby pretty much can be used on any audio device. Too loud? Jack into the headphone port, then. :)

Price, availability, and deets in the press release.


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Oakdale, MN – November 16, 2011 – XtremeMac, a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories and audio solutions for Apple devices, is excited to announce the U.S. availability of the Tango™ Bar.  The powerful 10 watt amplified USB powered sound bar features a sleek and stylish design while delivering high quality sound.


The Tango™ Bar enhances audio from any computer (Mac® and Windows® compatible) through its cutting edge technology that delivers twice the output of most traditional USB speakers. The six speaker configuration with dual dome tweeters, midrange/bass drivers and passive radiators provides for best in class audio.  The Tango™ Bar sports a clean and modern design featuring a simple plug and play USB connection, and an amber backlit volume control that provides added style and functionality.


The slim Tango™ Bar is built to fit perfectly beneath an iMac® or Apple® Cinema Display.  The single USB connection for both power and audio cleans up any workstation area by reducing cord clutter.  Additional connections include a headphone output, line-in jack and optional sub-out port for an additional subwoofer.


The Tango™ Bar is available now in the US for $99.99 at, and


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About XtremeMac:

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, XtremeMac is a portfolio brand of Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN).  Founded in 2001, the same year Apple introduced the first iPod™, XtremeMac provides innovative solutions to protect, power and play Apple devices. The brand’s award winning cases, speaker docks and charging solutions incorporate leading edge design and advanced technology to enhance customer experience with Apple products. Additional information can be found at, Facebook/XtremeMac and Twitter/XtremeMac.


XtremeMac, Tango and the “X” logo, are trademarks of Imation Corp. iPod, Mac, iMac, and Apple are rtrademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.  Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries.


Monday, October 31, 2011

I’m an audiophile and really can stand lackluster sound systems. If you look at the amazing wonder of your ear and awe at how it all works, you would probably be more inclined in feeding it luscious sounds. Sure, too luscious is too tough on the pocket book so give Wharfedale‘s new DX-1 Home Cinema Loudspeaker System a look. Booming in at a suggested $800, this high-gloss black (or white) 5.1 speaker system will make you enjoy your music as much as you enjoy the movie in which lays before your eyes. Aaah, yes, the eyes, another incredible item in your head. We’ll touch on that next time. Full details at the jump.

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Watching favorite shows, movies and sports on a big-screen TV is undeniable holiday fun – however, great video is only half of the big picture. Immersive surround sound completes the experience – and this holiday season, the Wharfedale DX-1 Home Cinema Loudspeaker System delivers a powerful sonic punch in a compact, elegant package.

Wharfedale is one of England’s most respected names in sound and one of the founders of high-fidelity audio, having earned an international reputation for excellence for more than 80 years. Now available in the US, the DX-1 (SRP: $799) includes four wall-mountable satellite speakers, a center channel and a powered subwoofer. The DX-1 is available in high-gloss black or high-gloss white to complement any living space.

The DX-1′s satellite and center speakers employ 3-inch woven polypropylene woofers and 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters, for smooth and detailed music and movie soundtrack reproduction. The subwoofer has an 8-inch long-throw woofer, driven by a built-in 150-watt Class D amplifier to deliver articulate, impactful bass from a design that fits easily into a room. The beautifully designed, precision-engineered Wharfedale DX-1 adds a compelling sonic and emotional impact to movies, TV shows, sports, music videos and big-screen action – this holiday season and year-round.

For more information, please visit: for a dealer near you or call Wharfedale USA directly at 508-422-9788.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hercules Expands XPS Audio Line with  XPS101 Refined Performance Speakers

Hercules, the digital audio specialist, expands its successful XPS multimedia speaker line with their latest creation, the Hercules XPS 101 system. Meeting the demanding criteria of multimedia PC users, these speakers deliver the dynamic ambience of a live music event, the captivating soundtrack of an action movie and the precision audio effects of a multiplayer video game. A high-end 2.1 audio system, the Hercules XPS 101 combines acoustic excellence, visual appeal and high-quality materials, resulting in a product well beyond the average speaker set up. Featuring a design that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear, these wide-ranging acoustic workload, multimedia speakers can be proudly displayed in the user’s living space. Hercules XPS 101 will be available in January 2011, at a suggested retail price of $249.99.

Doodle on your Next Portable Speaker

Author: Sven Rafferty
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Want to show off something while listening to something and have something that no one else has unless you gift them something? Well, if you’re looking for some custom portable speakers for your iPod, iPhone, or other non-i audio device that has a headphone jack, then you may want to doodle a little. Simply stated, Doodle allows you take any image and plaster it on a portable speaker.

Check out OrigAudio after the video for more info.

Magus A55, the first speaker of its kind to offer Alnico magnets and pure silver coils that deliver a mighty wallop in a miniscule package

Looking for a compact speaker that combines unique acoustic design with incredible 98 dB efficiency while harnessing the power of Alnico magnets? The result is the Magus A55, Teresonic’s new loudspeakers with frequency range, dynamics, and transparency that rival those of speakers ten times the bulk.

Teresonic’s Magus A55 is primed, pumped, and totally prepared to rock your world. Don’t let the deceptively small speaker deceive you (they’re a mere 15 inches tall), for their capabilities in frequency range, dynamics, and transparency that rival those of speakers ten times the bulk. You’ll get the utmost in efficiency and Alnico magic in a full range, crossover-less design to:

· Unleash the magic of lowest power, pure Class A amplifiers;
· Immerse in transparency of sound and huge soundstage;
· Enjoy lifelike reproduction of acoustical instruments and vocals.

“Magus A55 with the new Alnico drivers recreates the emotion of a live musical performance like no other speaker. Low power amplifiers, including vacuum tubes, will sound huge even in small rooms,” says Mike Zivkovic, president of Teresonic. “Magus A55 brings to compact speakers a breed of lifelike musicality – the magic of smooth Alnico sound and pure silver coils in a full-range design.”

You’ll be amazed at how the A55 model melds the rich harmonics of Alnico magnets with the full frequency range and efficiency that was previously only found in larger loudspeakers. The A55 is one of the most remarkable small speakers on the market today; the small size is a nod to the popularity of compacts, but the extreme 98 dB efficiency leaves the average compact in the dust. The sound quality the A55 delivers is hard to find outside of much larger, high-end floor standing speakers costing three times more.

What’s the secret to the A55’s power? It’s the new sound engine, the Lowther A55 speaker driver with Alnico magnetic flux of 19,800 Gauss (or 1.98 Tesla) – one of the strongest in the industry. With such a powerful but refined motor, well focused Alnico magnets, and a very light – specially impregnated cone, the A55 makes an extremely efficient sound engine. It’s capable of responding to changes in music instantaneously, enabling it to reproduce the tiniest musical detail. No wonder that the Magnus speakers with Alnico magnets sound more “real” than any other speakers.

“The Magus A55 has a full-bodied but refined sound and wonderful sparkle in the upper midrange and treble. Its articulate midrange, combined with its robust mid-bass, just sounds so very natural” said Jack Roberts of “I think there will be many audiophiles and music lovers who will fall in love with the Magus A55. I surely did, so much to purchase the review pair to use in my video and digital system. I have to admit I also feel in love with how the Magus cabinet looked in my main living room.”

Most speakers are very sensitive to precise positioning, but the A55 provides powerful, invigorating sound from anywhere in the room. You can choose to use them mounted on their stand, in a bookshelf, or on a tabletop – you’ll appreciate the freedom when working with the A55. The A55 stand (optional) comes with the adjustable shelf below the speaker which functions as a reflector plate. By moving it up and down the sound can to be dispersed in such a way to adjust to the room acoustics or your listening position. Whether you’re a casual user or a dedicated audiophile, you’ll be able to cater the A55 to your needs and get that natural sound we are striving for.

With Magus, form follows function. Not only is the A55 designed to generate superior sound, they’re also crafted with beauty in mind – just like musical instruments. Magus speakers are designed and handcrafted with the same care: “Have you ever wondered why there are no square violins, trumpets, or basses? Then why do they make square speakers? Because they are machine made. It requires patience and painstaking attention to detail to craft speakers by hand like we do,” says Mike Zivkovic. “Teresonic speakers are designed with the centuries-old proven techniques used in making fine musical instruments, combined with the latest science, materials and technology – to create an instrument for generations.”

Teresonic’s Magus A55 retail for US$ 4,985/pair with customized speaker stands retailing for $295/pair. Customers get a 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee and a three-year warranty. Specifications include 98dB efficiency (1W/1kHz/1m), a bandwidth of 55Hz-22kHz ± 3dB, and power handling of 1-100 watts.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Klipsch® LightSpeaker™ LED-Audio Speaker Receives Second U.S. Patent (JPEG Image, 600x600 pixels)

Klipsch®, a leading global speaker manufacturer, is announcing today the second patent for the award-winning, first-of-its-kind Klipsch LightSpeaker™ audio-lighting product.

The United States Patent Office recently awarded Kadence Designs with a utility patent for a single unit bulb that combines low voltage LED lighting with sound and employs digital signal processing (DSP), which produces enhanced sound and compensates for the LightSpeaker’s size and location once installed (Patent No. US 7817016). The Klipsch LightSpeaker product received its first patent from the United States Patent Office in May of 2009 for its low voltage LED lighting and sound that can be recessed into a ceiling lighting fixture (Patent No. 7535341).

“The LightSpeaker product has been a very exciting venture for the entire Klipsch team,” said Paul Jacobs, president of Klipsch. “As the sole U.S. distributor for the product, we could not be happier with the many innovative components and technologies that are now responsible for wirelessly streaming high-quality audio throughout homes across the country.”

Announced in January 2010 to much fanfare at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Klipsch LightSpeaker is the first product of its kind to combine efficient LED lighting and wireless ambient sound into a single unit that installs like a light bulb. The LightSpeaker system is able to deliver music wirelessly via a standalone controller. Once a music source, such as a laptop, iPod® or CD player, is connected to the controller, it wirelessly sends the sound to the LightSpeaker. The controller’s 2.4GHz wireless technology accommodates up to eight LightSpeaker products, equaling stereo sound in multiple rooms. Two music sources can be connected to the controller to establish two separate listening zones. The controller or remote controls the sources, zones, lighting levels and volume.

Not only was the LightSpeaker engineered to provide a unique, wireless audio solution, but it also presents energy savings upon implementation. Its dimmable LED bulb is rated for 40,000 hours of use and can last over 15 years. It also reduces daily lighting expenses by 80 percent, using 10 watts to produce light that’s bright enough to replace up to a 65 watt bulb. Unlike incandescent bulbs, the LightSpeaker LED bulb contains no mercury or halogen gases and produces almost no heat.

This new patent follows previous accolades the Klipsch LightSpeaker has received for its innovative approach to home audio. The product has been the recipient of numerous awards, including a CES Innovations Award, Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award, CE Pro BEST Award and an Electronic House TOPS Award. Five other patents are currently pending.

Thursday, September 2, 2010
D 500 LCR Bookshelf Speaker - Description

Until now, true THX® sound required a large dedicated room to accommodate the oversized speakers…and their often less-than-attractive cabinets. Jamo® D 500 THX Select2 home theater speakers bring the full THX experience to smaller rooms, with their compact size and stylish good looks.

The D 500 THX Select2 system consists of the D 500 LCR left, center and right speakers and D 500 SUR rear surrounds. Jamo recommends its SUB 650, which employs a high-output 12-inch driver, to perfectly anchor these D 500 THX speakers.

In keeping with the Jamo brand tradition of beautiful Danish Sound Design, the D 500 THX home theater system cabinets are finished in a high-gloss black lacquer that will enhance any room. Inside, the story is all about high performance, with speaker drive units that reproduce film audio tracks precisely as the director intended—with every growling low and stunning high impact.

The D 500 LCR is a 3-way closed loudspeaker with two 5.5-inch woofers, two 3-inch midrange drivers and a 1-inch tweeter, enclosed in a compact 10.3-inch by 17.7-inch cabinet that is just 5.1 inches deep.

To provide the ideal THX effect, the D 500 SUR surround speakers feature a 3-way closed dipole design, with one 5.5-inch woofer, two 3-inch midranges and two 1-inch tweeters. Conventional dipole speakers often provide poor bass reproduction, due to phase cancellation between their two woofers. By having only one woofer mounted in the middle of the cabinet, the D 500 SUR eliminates any cancellation effect to deliver full-spectrum sound. For perfect timbre matching, all drivers are matching those in the D 500 LCR.

According to Jamo marketing director Steen Michaelsen, the D 500 Series is the best way to capture the big sound that pins you to your seat at the local theater. “Jamo D 500 THX Select2 home theater speakers bring THX movie soundtrack dynamics to virtually any home, without the need for a purpose-built viewing room. In addition, they’re equally capable of reproducing music from stereo MP3 files, CDs or audio DVDs.”

The D 500 THX Select2 home theater speakers are available for purchase now through select distribution partners, including all Powerhouse Alliance members. The D 500 LCR retails for $349 each (U.S. MSRP), while the D 500 SUR is $699 a pair (U.S. MSRP).

Jamo D 500 Technology:

Dipolar technology: Dipolar sound is distributed from both the front and rear of the speaker— in opposite phase. With Dipolar surround speakers add a ‘3D’ ambience to the surround effects.

if500 5[1].jpg

Offering the ultimate in design excellence and uncompromised audio quality in an elegant all-in-one audio system, Edifier today introduced the brand new Luna5 encore – iF500. As an iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 docking station or when operated in digital FM radio mode, the simplicity of use, design and audio quality of the Luna5 encore make it a must-have for avid music listeners. Raising the expectation level for both design quality and sonic performance, the Luna5 encore immerses the senses, both visually and sonically at an affordable price. The Luna5 encore’s understated, elegant design and great sonic performance make it the ideal audio accompaniment for that special dinner party, a holiday cocktail hour or rainy Sunday reading the papers and listening to jazz.

“The Luna5 encore was designed to outperform anything in the class of highly compact music playback systems, and it accomplishes that with greater elegance and at an affordable price of under $300,” says Anthony Wilkinson, senior vice president, Edifier. “The Luna5 encore delivers exceptional sound and does it with style and grace in its design. It is exactly what it is intended to be: something you not only want to listen to but also want to display.”

The Luna5 encore is a study in design: this one-piece unit is comprised of an acoustically isolated combination base/control panel and a round speaker panel with an elliptical profile. The speaker panel is covered with black grill-cloth and the molded base is available in either glossy piano black or white. The speaker panel of the Luna5 encore cleverly incorporates a 5.75-inch bass driver, two specially housed 2.75-inch midrange drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. Both the midrange drivers and tweeters are arranged in stereo on either side of the panel to maximize stereo separation, and they are powered by two Class-D digital amps – a 30-Watt amp dedicated to the bass driver and a 22-Watt amp for the mids and tweeters. The Luna5 encore’s sensuous esthetic design even extends to its basic operation: pressing the illuminated power button causes the base to glow red, exposing touch-sensitive keys that control power, volume, track advance/FM station scan and input selection functions.

Its 5-driver speaker system incorporates unique vibration and resonance control technologies coupled with low frequency porting and mid-range tuned cavities for smoother, cleaner audio. An aux input allows any MP3 player and MP3-enabled cellular phone to be connected and played. These features and its eye-catching design are why the Luna5 encore was honored in January 2010 with a CES 2010 Innovation Honoree Award.

One of the biggest challenges in compact music playback systems is low-frequency reproduction, and the Edifier system handles this brilliantly. But perhaps most incredibly of all: at $299, the Luna5 encore’s performance and exceptional esthetic design are available at a fraction of the cost of a much larger system.


Altec Lansing, a division of Plantronics Inc. and a market leader in digital audio, today announced the latest member of its acclaimed Expressionist™ PC speaker family, the Expressionist PLUS (FX3021). This boldly imagined, compact system brings large-as-life sound to any desktop for only $99.95 MSRP.

“The Expressionist PLUS (FX3021) subwoofer packs tremendous punch for its tiny size,“ says Don Milks, Altec Lansing’s Senior Manager, Product Management for PC Audio. “By doing away with the enclosure and making the satellites angle-adjustable, we’ve made it easy for the listener to enjoy a remarkably deep, precise soundstage, no matter what distance or angle they listen from. We think this is the best performing $99 PC speaker on the market.“

The new Expressionist PLUS is a 2.1 channel subwoofer-satellite system featuring a dramatic cone-shaped, bottom loaded subwoofer that at its base is about the size of a small Frisbee disc. This sleek, modern looking sub utilizes a 5.25-inch, long-throw driver for authoritative bass that extends down to 50 Hz, even when placed on a desktop. The bass output is conveniently controlled within fingertip reach, letting the user tailor the optimum balance between sub and satellites. The entire system is driven by an impressive 24 watts of power.

The dual 2-inch full range satellites of the Expressionist PLUS complete the system, and are remarkable achievements of design and simplicity. Their innovative form utilizes Altec Lansing’s Audio Alignment™ craftsmanship that precisely aligns the drivers, enclosure and electronics for natural-sounding audio performance, the way the artist intended. The satellites can be aimed in any direction to focus the soundstage for the ideal listening position, distance and height. The end result is a deep and realistic stereo image that’s exactly proportioned to the listening area.

The diminutive size of the Expressionist PLUS makes it a perfect accompaniment for desktop and laptop computers and other 3.5mm-connected entertainment such as an iPod®. Power and volume controls are conveniently located for easy access.

Altec Lansing’s Expressionist PLUS FX3021 PC Speaker System will be available in June of 2009 at consumer electronics retailers and at


At Prolight & Sound 2009, JBL Professional is introducing the new LSR2300 Series Studio Monitor System, delivering professional performance at price points within reach of any studio. Now shipping, the LSR2300 Series addresses the demand for cost-effective, high-performance monitoring systems, driven by the proliferation of affordable, computer-based production systems.

The LSR2300 Series includes: the LSR2328P Bi-Amplified 203 mm (8-inch) Studio Monitor with 165 Watts of amplification; the LSR2325P Bi-Amplified 133 mm (5-inch) Studio Monitor with 90 Watts of amplification; and the LSR2310SP Powered 254 mm (10-inch) Studio Subwoofer with an integrated 180 Watt power amplifier.

In developing the LSR2300 Series, JBL applied the same stringent Linear Spatial Reference criteria used in the design of the acclaimed LSR6300 and LSR4300 Series. While most manufacturers take only a single on-axis measurement of the speaker’s performance, JBL’s Linear Spatial Reference criteria requires 70 measurements, yielding more than 1,200 times more data. The data enables JBL to engineer a system that produces greater accuracy at the mix position. A trademark of LSR2300 design is the large waveguide and the elliptical tweeter aperture that work in conjunction with a 1” silk-substrate high-frequency transducer to deliver superior imaging and smoother frequency response.

Today’s music styles, film production and the demand for high-quality audio for HDTV require a monitor system capable of extended low frequency performance and high dynamic range. To address this, JBL engineered new long-excursion low-frequency transducers with high-flux motors and a custom tuned port that work in concert to produce deep accurate low frequency response, previously unavailable at this price point. The LSR2328P 8” model provides low frequency extension to 37Hz; the LSR2325P 5” model to 43Hz, and the LSR2310SP subwoofer provides deep low frequency performance below 28Hz. Each studio monitor in the LSR2300 line produces exceptional sound pressure level (SPL) achieved through the use of high-sensitivity transducers and careful attention paid to the thermal properties of the system.
Featured to integrate into professional systems, all models include balanced and unbalanced inputs that allow connection to a wide range of playback sources including computer audio workstations, professional mixing consoles, as well as consumer playback systems. The LSR2310SP Subwoofer includes a 2-channel bass management system with selectable crossover settings and balanced outputs for integration of the sub into any system. LSR2325P and LSR2328P enclosures include mounting points and are reinforced for safe wall mounting. Transducers in all models are self-shielded to allow use in close proximity to magnetically-sensitive equipment.

“Our objective was to introduce a line that provides an unprecedented level of accuracy and performance at affordable price points, an achievement that is confirmed by the tremendous response from the market,” said Peter Chaikin, Director of Recording and Broadcast Marketing, JBL Professional. “With the LSR2300 Series, it is now possible for any studio to have the professional quality and performance that have made our LSR6300 and LSR4300 models the choice of top engineers, artists and facilities worldwide.”