Monday, January 3, 2011

Swann Security Unleashes SportsCam™ Waterproof Mini Video Camera

Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, proudly debuts the SportsCam™ Waterproof Mini Video Camera. Making its debut at the 2011 International CES, this mini camera / DVR combo is housed in a rugged waterproof case and comes with a myriad of mounting options so outdoor enthusiasts can live & relive their most extreme moments.

At the core of SportsCam™ is a color camera that can record 640 x 480 high resolution video or crystal clear still images. The device stores recordings on a removable MicroSD card (up to 16GB), so users can easily swap out cards while on the go. A 16GB MicroSD card will capture approximately 5 hours of video. SportsCam™ is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that recharges via USB and gives the user 2.5 hours of life per charge.

Not only is the SportsCam’s™ case shockproof, but it’s also waterproof up to 65’. Included with the device are a number of mounting options that make it an ideal solution for a variety of sports and outdoor applications. With no dials, gauges knobs or any preferences to configure, users simply turn it on, strap it on and hit record.

Included SportsCam accessories:
Velcro™ straps x 3
Cord, arm & head straps
Waterproof pin clip & case clip
Velcro™ for bracket
Mounting screws x 2
Silicon case

Swann’s SportsCam™ will be unveiled at CES 2011 at Swann’s booth #8660 in Central Hall. SportsCam™ has a MSRP of $99 and will be available for purchase in February through Swann’s network of retailers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Verizon LTE Marketing Video with iPhone 4

Verizon Wireless today announced it’s faster service LTE, Long Term Evolution, capable of reaching download speeds of 12 Mbps and uploading up to 5 Mbps. This new wireless broadband will free many users to not only view HD content on portable devices such as phones and laptops but also upload high-def material right from a phone or other device. This is a leap for mobile broadband as all carriers limit uploads to or under 1 Mbps. Coupled with half the latency of 3G networks, Verizon’s LTE will be a welcomed improvement to mobile broadband.

Verizon showcases its new announcement with a video explaining all the bells and whistles of LTE but it is at the 2:35 mark (view) of the video that is of interest. Lindsay Notwell, Executive Director, 4G LTE Startegy and Planning, talks about “connected cars” with a video shot of an iPhone 4 running onStar’s app. Now while this could be just a still shot pulled from GMs site and nothing more than that, wouldn’t Verizon at least wish to show off one of its phones? With the ability of any phone to connect to a FordSync equipped vehicle, for example, Verizon could have easily picked up on some Ford marketing for a shot to better fit the Verizon Wireless line of handsets. Instead, the hottest smartphone on the market only available on its competitor network was shown. Mmmm.

So, is this just a mere oversight on Verizon or a hint that the iPhone 4 is just around the corner? I believe this is just another tea leave exposing that indeed, Verizon and Apple will be soon announcing the iPhone 4 coming to the largest network in the United States. My guess is we will Steve Jobs pulling his infamous One More Thing at the iPad 2G announcement and bring out on stage Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg to make the announcement this January.

Yes, the new year is looking mighty good.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IN 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... BOINXTV 1.6 HITS THE AIRWAVES

Boinx Software, a multi-award-winning software developer for the Mac platform, is pleased to announce the latest update to its 2009 Apple Design Award-winning live-video production software, BoinxTV 1.6. BoinxTV is designed as your own personal broadcast truck – without the truck. Perfect for recording presentations, lectures, video podcasts, sporting events, concerts, sermons and more, BoinxTV produces stunning Live to Disk, Live to Internet and Live to Stage video – all in real time. In version 1.6, improving quality and performance, and optimized redundancy with fault-tolerant system architecture remain top priority. A new template for recording conferences and events provides users with an in-depth, how-to example for broadcasting hours of live conference footage with a flawless and stylish finish that rivals prime-time, professionally produced events.

“The brand new ‘Conference Recording’ template in BoinxTV 1.6 provides users with the inspiration to set up their own custom templates for live conference recording from their own personal ‘studio’ – their Mac,” comments Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. “This most recent update to our ‘broadcast truck – without the truck’ software makes the task of producing and broadcasting live events quicker and easier than ever before. Layers for introducing conference sessions, switching between multiple cameras, adding unique lower thirds, placing movies or clips into the background, adding sidebars to feature conference sponsors, and branding your broadcast with the all-important logo give broadcasts an especially creative and professional edge. Version 1.6 is also jam-packed with redundancy enhancements for continued reassurance that your footage is safe. Up to the moment that a crash might occur, BoinxTV automatically saves your footage for you to pick right up where you left off. We are thrilled to present our current and new users with the safest and most redundant BoinxTV to date.”

BoinxTV 1.6 Highlights: NEW “Conference Recording” Template
BoinxTV 1.6′s new “Conference Recording” template comes complete with fresh new layers for creating customizable opening credits, placing a source in an area defined by four arbitrary screen points, automatic crawls, sidebar options and an iPhone demo layer complete with iPhone 4 artwork. The new template allows users to create a polished and unified presentation in just minutes, ready to broadcast with no post-production work necessary. In addition, the Axis camera layer now supports Mac OS X v10.5.8, while images coming out of the chroma key filter are now crisp and clear with no blurry side effects.

Version 1.6 also features BoinxTV’s fully equipped, first-class rendering engine for enhanced performance on multi-core/hyperthreading-based Macs. A fail-safe auto save function ensures that if your system crashes, you will not lose your BoinxTV footage. An innovative user interface, extendable architecture and improved performance features allow users to create professional “TV-style” shows and broadcasts with minimal post-production efforts. Its “broadcast truck” production capabilities reduce expensive production and post-production costs without sacrificing creative and professional gloss.

BoinxTV’s “broadcast truck – without the truck” capabilities are utilized to broadcast one of the industry’s most well-known and respected international events series, The SuperMeet. Dan Berube and Michael Horton partnered with Boinx Software and BoinxTV to stream San Francisco (MacWorld), Las Vegas (NAB), Boston and Amsterdam (IBC) SuperMeets in 2010. “We searched for a way to easily and affordably exemplify our event’s creative efforts remotely. We wanted our story to resonate with industry enthusiasts, indie filmmakers and Hollywood creatives alike. BoinxTV fit our needs like a glove,” comments Mike Horton.

BoinxTV Key Features
▪ Over 50 layers provide creative possibilities for designing your own unique show template. Many aspects of the layers, such as font, size, color and position can be easily adjusted for endless variety.
▪ Preconfigured, easy-to-use templates provide a starting point and inspiration for your show.
▪ Character generation – Easily create lower thirds, titles, crawlers, tickers, credits and other text on screen.
▪ Computer graphics – Draw on screen, highlight and magnify screen areas, and display a weather map, stock charts and other data.
▪ Chroma keying – Replace a unified color backdrop (usually called a green or blue screen) with animated backgrounds, a virtual studio, a computer screen for screencasts – or create other special effects.
▪ Video scaling – Display, scale and distort video, PDFs, photos and other documents, or create a 3D video podcast.
▪ Camera Switching – Use multiple video sources picture-in-picture, side-by-side, n-up – or switch between sources with a variety of transitions.
▪ Audience interaction – Display a Twitter stream or let viewers Skype in to your show.
▪ Use QuickTime-compatible video sources such as DV cameras with FireWire (sometimes called i.Link or IEEE1394), HDMI cameras (with HDMI interface card such as Blackmagic Intensity Pro), iSight camera, USB webcams (if supplied with QuickTime driver), SDI cameras (with the help of SDI input systems from Matrox, AJA and Blackmagic Design) and many more.
▪ Screen grabbing to include video chats (Skype, iChat) and presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote).
▪ Use any audio device available in your system. A built-in adjustable audio delay helps you to synchronize audio and video easily.
▪ Integrate with Soundflower and other audio routing utilities for audio interviews with
Skype, iChat and more.
▪ Record directly to disk as QuickTime file.
▪ Play out simultaneously over second screen connector.
▪ Convert to Internet stream using external converter or third-party software (device not included).
▪ Convert to SDI using external converter (device not included).
▪ Submit to Apple Podcast Producer automatically after recording.
▪ Execute an AppleScript after recording.

About BoinxTV
BoinxTV, winner of the “Apple Design Award 2009,” is a revolutionary tool for creating Live to Disk, Live to Internet and Live to Stage video developed by Boinx Software in cooperation with TheCodingMonkeys. With BoinxTV, you can create stunning studio shows, podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews, sermons, lectures, seminars and more using your Mac and multiple cameras. With its innovative user interface and its extendable architecture, BoinxTV makes it easy to create professional “TV-style” shows, minimizing post-production time. BoinxTV requires an Intel-based Mac with discrete graphics from ATI or NVIDIA, and a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Full system requirements and more information on BoinxTV can be found at

Availability & Pricing
BoinxTV 1.6 is available as a free update for existing BoinxTV users at A free demo license enables BoinxTV for five days. The single license of BoinxTV is available for $499 at the Boinx Kagi Store. The BoinxTV Sponsored Edition for $199 requires a credit for BoinxTV in every video created with BoinxTV. For education and volume licensing (multi‐seat) of BoinxTV, please contact

Thursday, September 30, 2010

NetworkGlobal Companies, a leading producer of premium online video spanning from Hollywood and Broadway to world news features, announced today its Red Carpet Network video library can be streamed on the iPhone and iPad via the RCN App. The Red Carpet Network,, talks to A-list celebrities at the premieres of top films, TV shows, and Hollywood’s most exclusive Red Carpets. With millions of online streams per month, it is one of the top independent entertainment news outlets on the Internet. The new app is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

Launched in 2007 by a recent college graduate and his friends, it didn’t take long to establish the Red Carpet Network as a trusted media brand. “Once publicists, producers and event planners saw the quality of our content, we were given full media credentials and invited to the city’s biggest premieres and events,” said Gunnar Larson, 25, founder and CEO of the Red Carpet Network and NetworkGlobal Companies. “These days, we interview the world’s top celebrities, trendsetters and thought leaders.”

RCN’s journalists apply the same ethics to their features reporting as they do the hard news content on sister channel In both cases, people simply want the truth. All too often, feature journalists compromise their integrity by writing glowing reviews of bad products just to get their blurbs published on movie posters or to grease the wheels for A-list interviews. On the flip side, many tabloids, blogs and online forums dumb down their content by focusing solely on scandal and snarky, negative editorial.

RCN exists to make a positive impact and encourages its online viewers to make smart, informed decisions about how to spend their valuable leisure time. The site’s innovative business model monetizes its video and editorial content without pandering to the audience or the advertiser.

The RCN App, and its associated video content, is free to download via iTunes.

New Pakedge WAP-W3N Wireless-N Access Point With n-Band Capability Is Ideal for High-Throughput Video Streaming in Home Networks and Custom Installations

Pakedge Device & Software now offers its WAP-W3N Wireless-N Access Point, a versatile high-speed wireless access point (WAP) with n-band capability. The WAP-W3N enables high-throughput wireless video streaming in home networks, custom installations and enterprise-class applications.

Victor Pak, President and CEO of Pakedge, noted, “Custom installation professionals have been asking us for a wireless access point with high-throughput video streaming capability – and we’ve answered their needs with our new WAP-W3N. It offers flexible configuration options and comes with mounting hardware that enables it to be installed in a server rack as well as in other locations.”

The WAP-W3N offers high data-throughput with an 802b/g/n radio configuration, and its trapezoid-face housing enables optimum positioning of the unit’s three antennas. The WAP-W3N’s compact size, rugged aluminum enclosure and 1U rack-space wing brackets enable it to be installed in a server rack, or it can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface. The WAP-W3N uses a single Cat5e cable for both power and networking, making installation easy.

The WAP-W3N is highly configurable and is optimized for use with A/V system touch panels and control devices. It offers multiple SSID and VLAN (virtual local area network) support, enabling a user to segment a wireless network for different devices – for example, computers, A/V system touch panels and gaming systems – to provide the most efficient operation for all the connected devices.

The unit can be configured in four modes: Wireless Access Point, Wireless Bridge, Wireless Repeater or Wireless Distribution System (WDS). The WAP-W3N features software-controlled, variable power output, for maximum transmission/reception performance, range and security. The WAP-W3N supports the latest security standards including WPA, WPA2, AES, TKIP, WEP, RADIUS, MAC filtering and SSID Hide. The WAP-W3N can be used worldwide, thanks to its software-enabled country and power output configurability.

The Pakedge WAP-W3N Wireless-N Access Point is currently available and comes with three 5dBi omnidirectional antennas, a power supply, wall-mounting hardware and rack-mount brackets a Quick Start Guide and a Cat5e cable. Please contact for pricing.

CoreMelt Expands Video Effects Product Line with Release of Lock & Load Express

CoreMelt, the leading provider of advanced video plug-in effects for the editorial, composting, design and visual effects communities, today announced the release of Lock & Load Express, a powerful addition to its line of intuitive video effects software tools.

Lock & Load Express is based on CoreMelt’s popular image stabilization and rolling shutter reduction software application — Lock & Load X — considered one of the fastest video stabilizers available on the Mac platform, offering advanced tracking features and CMOS rolling shutter reduction for compositors and editors working in Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Motion. Lock & Load Express harnesses much of the key functionality found in Lock & Load X, including rolling shutter reduction, but in a simplified version that caters primarily to videographers and prosumers using DSLR cameras and working on Apple’s entry level Final Cut Express editing software.

Bolton notes that while Lock & Load X has gained considerable praise as a tool to improve video quality for users on higher end editing software applications, there are videographers utilizing DSLR and CMOS sensor based cameras running on Final Cut Express, which does not have a built-in image stabilizer (Lock & Load Express is currently the only stabilizer designed for Final Cut Express), who do not need access to every control in processing their footage, but need a reliable tool to stabilize footage featuring rolling shutter artifacts at a lower price point.

“CoreMelt is excited to introduce Lock & Load Express, a trimmed down version of our blazingly fast Lock & Load X tracking stabilizer software developed specifically to tackle real world production problems that videographers encounter when shooting on DSLR cameras inside Final Cut Pro Express; itself a powerful application,” says Bolton. “With today’s addition to our software plug-in lineup, editors and compositors at every professional level will have increased freedom to work on their editing platform of choice to tackle stabilization and rolling shutter issues for virtually any workflow and unleash their personal creativity.”

Bolton adds, “Lock & Load Express addresses the everyday challenges facing videographers — especially event videographers that shoot on DSLR cameras — to give hand held footage a professionally shot Steady Cam quality instantly without the need to set tracking points. Using the rolling shutter reduction functionality in our Lock & Load Express software helps lessen image distortions and lets digital content creators get on with business of creating and meeting tight deadlines.”

Key Highlights of Lock & Load Express

Lock & Load Express enables customers to achieve the highest-quality image stabilization and rolling shutter reduction features working on Final Cut Express including:
• Speed — Lock & Load Express tracks up to 12 times faster than Final Cut Pro’s built in stabilizer.
• Background Tracking — Allows users to work on the rest of a project while tracking for improved productivity and greater precision.
• Streamlined workflow — Features like in/out point analysis, and rotation and zoom smoothing help simplify workflow and keep projects on deadline.
• Intuitive — Lock & Load Express is based on the powerful Lock & Load X software architecture known for its ease-of-use and simplified interface for better quality results. Running inside Final Cut Express the software offers editors and compositors a proven solution for limiting rolling shutter artifacts and image distortion even on shots with complex rotation or poorly defined background.

What Customers Are Saying
“Even though I do not use Final Cut Express, after looking at and frequently using all the features and speed of Lock & Load X for Final Cut Pro, Lock & Load Express should prove to be a welcome stabilizer and rolling shutter reduction product for all Final Cut Express users out there, often left out when it comes to the availability of professional, high quality plug-ins,” Steve Douglas, renowned underwater videographer and technology critic says.

System Requirements
Recommended system requirements for Lock & Load Express include an Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.5.4, or later with Intel processor; Final Cut Express 4.0, or later.

Pricing and Availability:
Lock & Load Express is available now for $79.00 USD from CoreMelt and its authorized dealers. For additional pricing information, please visit,

Pakedge WAP-W3G

Expanding its range of products for custom-installation audio/video, home networking, security systems and professional use, Pakedge Device & Software now offers its WAP-W3G Ultra-High-Power Wireless Access Point.

The WAP-W3G widens the capabilities of a wired/wireless network, and enables reliable connectivity in situations where cables cannot be installed. It’s ideal for enterprise-class installations, or applications where high-speed, ultimate reliability and flexible operation are required.

The WAP-W3G’s ultra-high-power 802b/g radio configuration and 2.4GHz frequency band provides a wireless operating range up to three times that of consumer products. The unit supports VLANs (virtual local area networks) and multiple SSIDs. This enables a user to segment a wireless network for different devices – for example, computers, A/V system touch panels and gaming systems – to provide the most efficient operation for all the connected devices.

Victor Pak, President and CEO of Pakedge, pointed out, “As today’s multiroom audio/video systems and home networks become more complex, the need for seamless integration has never been greater. Our WAP-W3G is a versatile installation product that helps to make connecting even the most complicated systems easier, while providing a wide range of useful capabilities.”

The WAP-W3G can be configured to operate in Wireless Access Point (WAP), Wireless Bridge or Wireless Repeater (WDS) mode. It offers adjustable power output and range, and is optimized for use with A/V system touch panels and control devices. Just a single Cat5e cable provides power and network connectivity, making the WAP-W3G perfect for custom installations. It is fully 802.3af-compliant, and can be powered by any PoE-compliant switch. The unit’s dual antennas ensure the best-possible reception and transmission.

The WAP-W3G can be used worldwide, thanks to its software-enabled country and power output configurability. It supports a wide variety of security standards including WPA, WPA2, AES, TKIP, WEP, RADIUS, MAC filtering and SSID Hide. The WAP-W3G’s compact (6.4″ L x 4.2″ W x 1.4″ D) rugged aluminum housing facilitates installation in any interior environment.

The Pakedge WAP-W3G Ultra-High-Power Wireless Access Point is currently available and comes with dual 5dBi omnidirectional antennas, a power supply, Quick Start Guide and Cat5e cable. Please contact for pricing.


Global Delight today announced a major update to Camera Plus Pro, the popular all-in-one iPhone camera app that adds numerous camera and photo-editing capabilities to the device, including video recording on 2G and 3G iPhones. Interface improvements, added options for Flickr uploading, and FTP sharing are just a few of the new features included in this update. As one of the top 5 most downloaded photography tools on iTunes, Camera Plus Pro is the premium all-in-one replacement for the default camera app.

Capturing and enhancing high quality images and video on the iPhone is easy with Camera Plus Pro. Along with the ability to adjust elements like brightness, saturation and contrast in real-time, users can create any look they like by applying live filters such as B/W or Sepia. Photos can also be taken in rapid succession with Burst Mode, and with a tap, they can be cropped, rotated or modified with digital flash. Zooming while recording video is also supported, and this update adds a time-lapse video recording feature, along with several new filters like Mirror, X-Ray, and more. Macworld says that Camera Plus Pro is an “all-in-one app [that] delivers an impressive set of features”, and the experience is now even better!

Sharing and managing images or videos is also intuitive and fun with Camera Plus Pro. Users can add titles, geo-tags, and captions to their media, and email or upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter directly from the app. Multiple photos can be emailed or uploaded to Picasa and Facebook, and the update now lets users select private or public mode for Flickr uploads. Finding and organizing media is dirt-simple, as users can easily search any tags in their library.

“We feel that the best camera is the one you have with you, which makes the iPhone camera just about the best one ever created” says Guruprasad Kamath, Marketing Manager of Global Delight. “Camera Plus Pro maximizes the potential of the iPhone’s hardware by providing video recording for all iPhones, as well as powerful, easy to use tools for recording, editing, and sharing the world around you.”

In the next update to Camera Plus Pro, Global Delight is planning to add full iPhone OS 4.0 compatibility, as well as exposure and white balance control, Bing image search integration, improved video recording capabilities, and a revamped user interface.

Get the most from your iPhone camera with Camera Plus Pro!

Camera Plus Pro for iPhone is available for $1.99 from the App Store on the iPhone or at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A new top-end JVC HD Everio video camera is now available, JVC announced today. The new GZ-HM1 HD Everio offers a full slate of technologies to optimize picture quality and an array of manual controls for creative flexibility. The GZ-HM1 offers performance improvements in three key areas — low light performance, camera-shake compensation and digital still quality. As a result, the GZ-HM1, which offers 64GB of internal storage and an SD/SDHC card slot, is the ideal camera for video enthusiasts and semi-professionals.

In the area of low light performance, the GZ-HM1 provides superior results thanks to a new CMOS sensor that boosts sensitivity to four Lux (compared to nine Lux for the previous GZ-HM400) for brilliant recording of 1920 x 1080 Full HD video, with 1080/60p output through the HDMI connection. In camera shake compensation, JVC made improvements in wide angle performance, an area not typically addressed. While most stabilization efforts focus on effectiveness in high zoom ratios, camera shake also occurs at wide angle settings, especially when the camera user is moving along with the subject. In the new GZ-HM1, JVC uses prism technology to provide effective results at the wide angle end of the zoom range. And for better still image quality, the GZ-HM1 delivers real 10 megapixel stills for detailed images.

The GZ-HM1′s 1/2.3-inch 10.62 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor dramatically increases sensitivity, enabling recording of high quality images even in low-light locations. Back-illumination technology moves the circuitry within the CMOS chip to a layer behind the photo diodes, avoiding loss of incoming light that occurs with conventional CMOS sensors. This efficient gathering of light increases the ability to obtain visual information, which translates into higher picture quality being available at the camera even in low light situations. The KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS is currently one of the world’s smallest and slimmest HD lenses, and offers 10x optical zoom.

A new optical image stabilization system with Advanced Image Stabilizer provides effective camera-shake compensation in a variety of situations. The camera’s optical image stabilization system uses two prisms within the lens housing to optically compensate for vertical and lateral camera shake. Together they are able to effectively reduce the effects of shake in any direction. This JVC system is enhanced by the company’s Advanced Image Stabilizer that improves compensation, especially in the wide angle range, providing a stable image even if the user is walking while shooting.

The camera’s 10.62 megapixel CMOS sensor allows the GZ-HM1 to shoot real 10 megapixel stills with ISO6400 sensitivity for pristine digital stills with high resolution, even if the lighting is less than ideal. The densely packed pixels of the CMOS sensor translate into smooth and realistic images without any sense of pixilation or gaps between pixels, for a look similar to film photography. ISO6400 high sensitivity is assurance that even in dark situations the image will look sharp and detailed. For further assistance in shooting in low light, the GZ-HM1 includes an automatic flash.

To meet the needs of the more demanding video enthusiast, the GZ-HM1 offers an array of manual controls. These include a manual adjustment dial that, among other functions, allows easy and precise manual focus. Other manual controls include selection of shutter or aperture priority shooting, and bracket shooting. In addition, there’s a user-programmable button for storing frequently used settings.

To ensure the best possible audio recording, there’s a microphone input, audio level control and headphone output. There’s also a top-mounted accessory shoe.

The GZ-HM1 also offers creative shooting functions, including time-lapse recording, available in all 2010 Everio cameras, to easily record in intervals ranging from one to 80 seconds. When played back, hours-long segments are reduced to mere seconds. Also available is high-speed recording at up to 600 frames per second, allowing ultra-slow motion playback for observation and analysis, such as a golf swing.

Digital files created with this new Everio camera can be easily shared in a variety of popular formats with the enhanced Everio MediaBrowser software for Windows®, which now provides automatic conversion of HD videos for immediate sharing on YouTube™ at HD or SD resolution. Files also can be directly exported to iTunes® and synced with an iPod® or iPhone®, or burned to DVD, all with just a few mouse clicks using the same Everio MediaBrowser application.

The JVC GZ-HM1 will be available in March for $1,199.95.


Other World Computing (OWC(r)), a leading Mac and PC technology company, today announced that it has completed its series of free, step-by-step online installation videos for all available upgrades for MacBook and MacBook Pro machines. Now owners of the earliest 2006 models to the latest 2009 “Unibody” machines can upgrade memory, hard drive and/or optical drive components in as little as 10 minutes for greater performance over factory configurations.

A Faster Mac In 10 Minutes

The OWC series of free online upgrade installation videos for MacBook and MacBook Pro models are rated from an “Easy” to “Straightforward” level and can be performed at home as quickly as an estimated 10-minute installation time. The complete series of installation videos for MacBook and MacBook Pros, as well as videos for Mac tower, desktop, and iPod battery installs is available at:

“One of OWC’s founding principles is to maximize the usefulness of existing resources. Whether a customer has a legacy Mac or the latest machine, these videos are an invaluable resource for getting greater performance from their Mac and/or extending its useful life,” said Larry O’Connor, CEO, OWC. “With the typical service center charging upwards of $80 for an easy memory install, MacBook and MacBook Pro owners can save both time and money by utilizing this free resource.”

Memory Upgrades From $29.79, 7200RPM Hard Drives From $64.99

OWC Memory Upgrade Kits priced starting at $29.79 are available up to 8GB for MacBook and MacBook Pro models and are backed with a Money Back Guarantee and OWC’s Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty. Additional money savings are also available through OWC’s Rebate program, which provides $5.00 Cash Back per 1GB Apple Factory Standard memory module.

Upgrading the internal hard drive can also make MacBook and MacBook Pro machines faster. Prices start at $64.99 for a 250GB 7200RPM drive, with the most popular upgrades including a 320GB 7200RPM drive priced at $84.99 and a 500GB 7200RPM drive priced at $149.99. In addition, MacBook and MacBook Pro owners that purchase a new hard drive from OWC also enjoy the benefit of keeping their existing drive, which can be used as a temporary backup drive, converted into an external storage solution, or sent to OWC for a cash back trade-in.

For a complete list of upgrades for MacBook and MacBook Pro models, visit:

OWC – The Trusted Name in Mac Memory

OWC memory upgrades are available from 16MB up to 32GB for nearly every current and past Apple notebook and desktop computer manufactured during the past twenty years, including Mac Pro Xeon, iMac, PowerMac, Xserve, iBook, and PowerBook computers. By maintaining an active state-of-the-art test lab, OWC can ensure its memory upgrades offer the highest product quality and reliability and backs them with a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and Money Back Guarantee.

OWC’s independent memory benchmarks testing on a wide variety of Mac computers consistently demonstrates having more memory provides higher real-world performance. OWC memory performance gains are even more apparent when using memory intensive applications, such as audio/video, photo, 3D modeling, gaming and other applications, where OWC memory upgrades offer the best performance for the investment.

The full OWC Memory line, as well as a compatibility guide which directs customers to the correct upgrades for each specific Apple model, can be found online at: